Olympic Ratings


The summer Olympics have come and gone but not everyone is coming up gold.

The ratings for the competition in Rio are out and the news is not good. NBC is reporting a 17% drop in ratings compared to the summer Olympics of 2012. In addition to that the drop in the key demographic group of people aged 18 to 49 was 25%.

But with any good sporting event there is a solid runner up. The network is reporting a sharp increase in digital viewership with 1.86 billion minutes being live streamed. The last Saturday of the games was the best day for digital viewers with an increase of 263% from the same day during the London Olympics.  read more »

Olympic Sized Appetites


For Olympians competing in Rio, it looks like Disneyland might not be their first stop following the medal podium.

After competing in this year’s summer games most athletes, win or lose are going straight to McDonald’s for a little pick me up. And for them it's worth it. Since the games began the fast food giant has been feeding athletes in the Olympic village for free. When that led to long lines and a food shortage the company cut back, allowing only 20 items of food per person. If you wanted to order more you had to wait longer.  read more »

Zika Apps


While the world's best athletes are competing for gold, technology is working to keep them in fighting shape.

Before the Olympic torch was lit concerns over the Zika virus put a shadow over the summer games. The disease was first discovered in Brazil more than a year ago and now the country has 1,700 recorded cases. Some of the world's best had decided against heading to Rio citing health concerns and some athletes there are causing a commotion with their bug spray and netted clothing. Now there is also an app working to keep the mosquitos at bay.  read more »



It’s easy to spot the corporate sponsor at your favorite sporting event; but who’s coaching them?

Keith Bruce is the president of SportsMark Management Group. When a company invests in a sports sponsorship of some kind they step in to promote it, market it and bring it to life.

“Sports is a huge passion point for so many consumers it’s an ideal way to make your brand stand out in a very cluttered advertising marketplace.”

Bruce says over the past 20 years the economic tide of sports marketing has risen; especially if you factor in the cost of producing a sporting event and paying the athletes to participate. And the fun never stops. When the final whistle is blown for one event; another is right around the corner.  read more »