Affordable Care Act


In order to cut down the cost of coverage insurance companies are keeping a close eye on a certain group of people.

Because of their pre-existing condition diabetics have struggled to find health insurance. But now thanks to the affordable health care act companies have no choice. Now they’re making sure people are taking good care of themselves by getting up close and personal.

Companies say they are calling diabetics when they don’t pick up prescriptions or miss appointments. They are also arranging transportation to get them to the doctor and in some cases sending nurses to make a house call. But the extra effort isn't out of concern for your health.  read more »

Do Nothing Congress


Looking for a great gig that pays a lot of money for just a little work? You should run for congress.

It seems what critics are calling this years do nothing congress has done it again. On Thursday, CBS news congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes reported on “CBS This Morning,” that congress is in a two week recess, after having passed the fewest number of laws in the past 66 years. And many of those laws that were passed were extensions of bills already passed.  read more »



She is the face that launched thousands of health care applications; and now she's vanished from sight.

When the affordable care act launched the website featured the smiling face of an unnamed model. Earlier this week her image was replaced with icons that represent the different ways to sign up for the now government mandated health care.

At first the mystery woman was the unofficial spokesmodel for the site. As frustrations over technical glitches grew she was even dubbed “glitch girl” by people who tried and failed to navigate the application process.  read more »

Government Vs. Business


If you ran your business the way the government runs theirs; you'd be out of business.

When the government shut down on Tuesday it telegraphed a complete breakdown in leadership, communications and teamwork. The lack of strong leadership in Congress let a small minority frustrate the will of the majority.

In business you could get fired for not going with the majority after the vote was taken. And because so many members of Congress have so many hidden agenda's communicating a simple message to the public is impossible. Successful businesses are able to communicate messages that grab customers. Then there is teamwork, the backbone of business. In Congress it is all about getting re-elected.  read more »