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China's Big News


People are talking about the big story in China’s top selling newspaper; the only problem is it wasn’t true.

Recently “The People’s Daily” ran a 55 page spread on North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un being named the sexiest man alive.

However that title was given to him by “The Onion,” a profitable online newspaper known for making up its own comedic stories. The Chinese media spared no detail.

It described the North Korean dictator as devastatingly handsome, with his round face and boyish charm. The story continued to say he is blessed with an air of power that masks a cute, cuddly side making him every woman’s dream come true.  read more »

Air Koryo


Another airline is flying into the digital age; but it might not be a boost for business.

North Korea’s Air Koryo is the world’s only one star online. Now it has launched a website to help people book flights from Seoul to various cities in China and Russia.

But the new convenience might not be enough to make passengers happy. The airline is the only one ranked as a one star service by Skytrax global airline ranking. A rating that represents very poor quality performance. One reason for this could be the type of aircraft used. Most of Air Koryo’s flights are done with older, soviet-era planes.  read more »