nicholas montano

Safe Surfing


The bad always comes with the good; and it’s getting technical.

Nick Montano has been a private investigator for the past 33 years. These days most of his cases have gone viral along with most of your personal information.

“Some days we need technology other days it could be a real pain for us. Technology is here to stay so we need to find a way to make it safe for everyone to use technology.”

Montano says in our digital age the bad guys aren’t scoping out banks or liquor stores. Instead they’re sitting at home stealing your identity and hacking into your life savings.

“We come up with technology to stop them and they come up with technology to circumvent it so it’s a cops and robbers situation.”  read more »

Safety Tips


Everyone worries about personal safety and the biggest threats are closer than you think.

Nick Montano is a licensed private investigator. I recently talked to him about how your everyday items can cost you everything. For example don’t put your home address into your GPS system. If someone steals your car they have a direct link to your home and already know that you’re not there. Montano says your address should not be so easily accessible.

“If people don’t know where they live they shouldn’t be driving a car. You don’t need to have your home address in your GPS if you can’t find your way home you should walk.”

Montano says you should also password protect your cell phones and avoid putting a hold on your mail for vacations.  read more »