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Mental Health App


A couple in New Zealand is helping your mental health and their bottom line.

Recently Katie and Matt Gatt left their jobs and created a five dollar app called think ladder. Matt says the couple spent ten years in their careers trying to figure out how to get the therapeutic techniques they were learning out to the people who needed them.

The app aims to change the way your subconscious affects your mood, automatic responses and responses that have become habit. Once a person realizes they might need some help the app works to rewire the brain with exercises that include concentration and repetition. Users can also program various alerts and trigger point locations so when you are in a high stress situation the app will play messages to calm you.  read more »

Mosquito Device


You've heard of a dog whistle? Turns out the same high pitched noise could be used on another group of untrained individuals.

A library in the capitol city of Wellington, New Zealand is being criticized for installing what it calls a mosquito device. It works by producing a high frequency buzzing noise that can apparently only be heard from people under the age of 25.  read more »

Public Service Announcement


New Zealand is trying to get its drivers to slow down; with a very pointed public service announcement.

The announcement from the country's transport agency uses simple conversation to remind people how dangerous speeding can be. And it's tugging at the heartstrings and stomping on the brake pedal of people who have seen it. In the spot one driver is shown speeding down an empty road. Another driver, not seeing the first pulls out into the intersection right into the path of the oncoming car. Then time slows down to a stop.  read more »

Filling the Gap


Loss of your livelihood is a true test of character; but it’s what you do next that counts.

In February of 2011 the city of Christchurch, New Zealand was rattled by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Dozens of buildings were destroyed with most of the damage contained to the city’s big business downtown area.

Nearly two years later the area remains fenced off, buildings are being demolished and there are vacant lots where others once stood. Now the group Gap Filler is stepping in and attempting to fill the void.

Gap Filler is an art project that puts something in the empty spaces left by demolished buildings. Examples of this include art murals, life sized monopoly squares and a bicycle powered movie theater.  read more »

A Marmite Shortage


Supply of a New Zealand staple is running short; and country wide panic is settling in.

Marmite is a sticky black sandwich spread made from yeast extract that most kiwi’s are openly addicted to. In fact the small island nation of 4.4 million people eats its way through 640 tons of marmite each year. But trouble is settling in.

The only factory that makes the New Zealand style of marmite is located in Christchurch. This was the scene of a deadly earthquake last year that killed more than one hundred people and destroyed buildings. One of the buildings heavily damaged was the marmite factory. Four months ago that damage forced the company’s owner to shut down the factory. Then about a week ago the company ran out of supplies.  read more »

King of the Castle


Have you ever thought about being king of your own castle? Well here’s your big chance, and it comes complete with loyal subjects.

There’s a rural village for sale in New Zealand and if you’ve ever dreamed of having it all, this is the purchase for you. For just $715,000 you can purchase the small village of Otira, located on the country’s south island. And you’ll get your money’s worth. The village includes a hotel, pub, school, railway station and town hall. You will also be responsible for the 18 houses and 40 person population.  read more »

High Price Spirits


You can sell almost anything on the internet. But making money off of someon’e soul may be a first.

At a recent online auction a woman in New Zealand made history by auctioning off what she claims to be the disgruntled souls of two people that were haunting her home. The spirits were put up for bidding earlier this week by Avie Woodbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.  read more »

Age Old Whiskey


Thanks to a new discovery history may repeat itself, in your cocktail glass.

Five crates of whiskey and brandy belonging to polar explorer Ernest Shackleton were discovered by New Zealand explorers earlier this month. The crates, which were found under the Antarctic ice, have been buried for more than one hundred years. They were found beneath Shackleton’s hut which was built in 1908.  read more »