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Less Floor Space


New York is hoping to make housing more affordable; and it’s going to be a tight fit.

City planners believe apartments that measure no more than 300 feet; could be the answer to the rising number of single and two person households. Called “micro units” the small space has a bathroom, built in kitchenette and a combined sleeping and living area.

Earlier this week mayor Michael Bloomberg gave developers the go ahead to test this plan out on a vacant lot in Manhattan. If successful it could overturn a 1978 law that new apartments had to be at least 400 square feet.  read more »

A Piece of Apple


Everyone wants a piece of Apple and the perks are rolling in.

These days it’s not just customers that are willing to spend time and money for everything Apple has to offer. Now cities are jumping on the fruit flavored bandwagon. In order to convince the company to move into a neighborhood cities are offering Apple sweet heart deals that range from free rent to prime locations.  read more »

Inside the Spy World


Want to know how 007 did it? Here’s your chance to pull back the curtain.

“Spy: The Secret World of Espionage” exhibit is now open at New York’s discovery time square. It includes hundreds of artifacts from the top secret vaults of the FBI, CIA and National Reconnaissance Office. It’s also the first exhibit of its kind to be sanctioned by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Items include a WWII era collapsible motorcycle that could be dropped by parachute and deployed in ten seconds. There is also a German enigma machine used to create secret messages in a camel saddle. One of the first CIA agents to arrive in Afghanistan after 9/11 used it to keep tabs on bugging devices and surveillance equipment.  read more »

Rats Gone Viral


The New York City subway system is facing an infestation and it could pay off for riders.

Subway workers in the big city are now hosting a contest for riders to rate the level of rat infestations at their home stations. And the rider that posts the best video or photo of the unwanted guests will receive an unlimited metro card pass.

It’s all part of an effort by the transport workers union to clear the subway system of rats. And according to a local television station the contest has helped kick off cleanup efforts in 20 stations. Unfortunately that’s only about 4% of the entire system, which means the rats are still ruling the railways. Passenger complaints include rats making their way onto platforms, numerous droppings, and even bites.  read more »

The Forlorn Ferry


Looking for some unusual accommodations? Then here’s the free floating home for you.

Three years ago a former marina owner bought an orange Staten Island ferry for $162,000. He converted the 300 foot ferry into a dorm room for New York City college students. But now he’s suffering from a bad case of buyer’s remorse. Turns out it’s hard to park a 300 ferry.

The city of New York wants to charge him $1,000 a day to leave the 3,500 passenger dorm room along the waterfront. Right now he’s paying $6,000 a month to store it in Staten Island. Now he’s trying to offload the boat onto another sailor.  read more »

Unwanted Guests


Paris has a bug and its bite will be bad for tourism.

The bed bug problem that has been plaguing New Yorkers has made its way across the Atlantic to the city of love. Bed bugs are usually a rarity in Paris, but an employee at the public section of city hall says more than 600 locations in Paris have required treatment for bed bugs. The employee says this is a significant increase from prior years. And while city officials are steering clear of the term invasion, hotels and exterminators are suiting up for battle.  read more »

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The Taxi of Tomorrow


New York City is searching for the taxi of tomorrow and the competition is revving up.

In 2007 New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission launched the taxi of tomorrow contest. And three years later the field has been narrowed down to three finalists. The contest calls for a fuel-efficient and wheelchair-accessible car.

The winning company will receive an exclusive contract to provide cabs to the big apple for at least ten years. The first of the three finalists is a futuristic Turkish cab with a see through roof and wheelchair ramp that can reach the curb. Ford is in the running with a compact van similar to their models found in Europe. Nissan rounds out the group with a model that resembles a small van, which the company plans to make fully electric.  read more »

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Rudy Giuliani Criticizes President Obama and Wall Street

President Obama is well past his one hundred day mark. And while his personal approval ratings remain sky high, America's Mayor thinks his policies are not helping the economy.

While in New York City last week I met up with former New York Mayor and 2008 Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani. Over a long lunch, the Mayor admitted it is appropriate for President Obama to focus on fixing the economy. But he is taking on too many problems too quickly. And the billions being spent on bailouts could bankrupt future generations. Mr. Giuliani says the President's new policies might be more of a mistake than a solution.  read more »