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The Tao Group


The economy is turning around and the entertainment industry is eating it up.

Bill Bonbrest is COO for the Tao group. The restaurant and nightlife company operates more than 20 locations in New York, Las Vegas and Sydney. He says 55 million tourists are expected to come through New York this year alone.

“We have to pay attention to delivering the best guest experience we can but that’s true in any industry, you have to be the best at what you do and we come at it with a lot of passion to do our best.”

Bonbrest says one of the things helping the industry is the growing relationship between hotels and food and beverage operators. He says these days’ people aren’t just booking a hotel for the room.  read more »

Standing Room Only


A Japanese business owner is taking a stand up approach to fine dining.

Michio Yasuda owns and operates eighteen restaurants in Tokyo where customers enjoy high quality food by Michelin rated chefs. But here's the catch; you have to eat dinner while standing.

Yasuda says this cut down the cost and lets people in low income brackets enjoy a fancy meal. Now he's bringing his standing room only idea to New York. He plans on opening a gourmet Japanese style restaurant in Manhattan designed for people who crave sushi without a three figure price tag. And he's hoping the New York habit of standing and drinking at bars will transfer to the dinner table.  read more »

The Flavor of Bice


The restaurant industry has a competitive flavor and one New York hot spot is playing with a family favorite.

Peter Guimaraes is the general manager of Bice New York; an Italian restaurant located in midtown Manhattan. Guimares say the industry has become hard to swallow.

“It’s a lot harder than it used to be competition wasn’t as fierce as it is in New York now.”

Guimares say the rise in restaurant tours and fusion; the idea of blending different types of food is driving them into a higher competition level. But he says Bice doesn’t follow the trends and lets its menu of solid Italian food is always popular with the business crowd.  read more »

A Bad Taste

credit card.jpg

Some New York City waiters have been serving up more than your food.

According to police a highly organized identity theft ring recruited waiters to provide them with customer’s credit card information. The waiters all worked at expensive restaurants and were provided with skimming devices. These would copy a person’s credit card information while running the tab.

Police say it appears at least fifty restaurant patrons were affected by the wait staff scheme. The stolen information was then made into fake credit cards used to buy items such as watches and purses. The group would keep some of the products; all bought at high end department stores, and sell off the rest.  read more »

A Quick Turnaround


A new restaurant has opened in New York but it has an expiration date.

John Fraser is the owner of the Dovetail restaurant in New York City. This past January he opened another restaurant; this one called what happens when. But there’s a catch. This place will be closing around October, just nine months after opening its doors. And each month the whole menu will change as Fraser and his fellow chefs try out a new type of cuisine. This month they’re cooking to the inspiration of American jazz and New Orleans flavor.  read more »