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Devil Baby

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Movie studios want you to buy tickets; and now they're scaring you into submission.

This weekend the movie “Devil's Due” premiered in theaters. It tells the story of a young couple whose bundle of joy turns out to be not so joyful. And to help fill seats thinkmodo; a company that makes viral video campaigns is terrifying the streets of New York.  read more »

Lost and Found


Your lost property is one man's fulltime job.

For Eliel Santos, his office is the stretch of subway grates from 23rd Street to 47th Street in New York City.

His office equipment is dental floss, mousetrap glue and a sharp eye. Recently, the New York Post followed him on his 9 to 5.

Each day he searches subway grates for items people mights have dropped, such as money, jewelry, and more often than not an iphone. At days end he takes his haul to the pawn shop.

His biggest paycheck came from a diamond and gold bracelet he sold for $1800. But he's not just in business for himself.

Santos also provides a pro bono service helping people find their lost items. Once he pulled a man's keys out of the subway grate and another time a man's wedding ring.  read more »

Reinventing the Pay Phone


New York City is bringing back the pay phone; with a twist.

A project meant to promote an art exhibit has turned 5,000 Manhattan pay phones into time machines. All you have to do is find one of the phones; and yes they still exist, pick up the receiver and dial 1-800-FOR-1993. Then you will hear a well-known New York resident tell you what life was like on that block 20 years ago.  read more »

Remembering 9/11


New York’s September 11th memorial is a multi-million dollar tribute to the thousands of people who lost their lives; now some are concerned it’s a memory we can’t afford.

Last week marked eleven years since we watched some of our most recognized buildings burn and witnessed an act of heroism that ended lives in a Pennsylvania field.

To remember those people a $700 million memorial is still being constructed in New York City. And with two reflection pools and an underground museum the memorial costs $60 million a year to operate. A price tag some say can’t be met without a government subsidy.

By comparison it costs $8 million a year to maintain Gettysburg military park and $4 million for the monument that includes the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.  read more »

High Price Water


You’re advised to drink at least eight glasses of water a day; and at one New York restaurant the habit will cost you.

The water only café Molecule recently opened in Manhattan’s east village; and it’s drawing a lot of criticism from the city folk. Not because of its limited menu but because each 16 ounce glass of water costs $2.50. But it’s not just regular tap water you’re shelling out for. It has been treated by the café’s custom built $25,000 water purifier.

And if quenching your thirst wasn’t enough consider the extras. Customers can also have a shot of vitamins A, B, C, D and E or a mixture of roots, herbs and fruit added to the water. Called blasts they can give you energy, boost your immune system or improve your hair, skin and nails.  read more »

A Backyard Timeshare


Need some extra space; how about a timeshare, for a backyard.

According to the herald sun a group of entrepreneurs from Manhattan’s lower east side are renting out 2,300 square feet of green space. For fifty dollars renters can use the space for some fun in the sun.

The brainchild behind the idea is 24 year old Jacqui Kavanagh. She says while she loves New York City sometimes it’s hard to get to the beach or to the park. She says it might be a crazy idea but it’s the perfect solution for city dwellers. And if you’re interested in renting out the space the cost doesn’t end at the $50 fee. The group is also requiring people to rent any equipment used in the space. Costs include $150 for a barbecue and $200 for a plastic kiddie pool.  read more »

A Naked Showdown


A Times Square tourist attraction is facing a little competition and he’s not happy about sharing his territory.

New York City’s famous naked cowboy is going after his new bikini clad neighbor saying she is trying to cash in on his trademark act, by calling herself the naked cowgirl. Over the years, Robert Burck, the naked cowboy has made a name for himself for strumming his guitar wearing nothing but boxer briefs and a cowboy hat. But now Sandy Kane has shown up on the scene in a red, white and blue cowboy hat and matching bikini. So Burck sent Kane a letter saying if she is going to dress the part and make money from photos she needs to sign a “naked cowboy franchise agreement.”  read more »