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A New Art Critic


There's a new art critic in New York and he has four legs and a tail.

Former Washington Post art critic Jessica Dawson says she was at an exhibit with her rescue dog Rocky when she noticed how intently he was checking everything out. Unlike the people who were reading their phones, New York Times review or artist resume. But unfortunately for Rocky everything was a bit high on the wall for him to really see so Jessica decided to do something about it.

So she contacted the organizers of the exhibit Documenta to curate ten pieces of outdoor art for a three day experiment. All of the pieces were set up in a park and were strategically placed on a dog's eye level. Some were even interactive with dog bones or pools of water for the animals to play in.  read more »

Winter Business


Part of the east coast is waving the white flag at winter.

It's been a rough winter for everyone from Nashville to Nantucket. Temperatures have dropped to the teens and the snow piles are higher than cars. So the tourism office of Ithaca, New York decided to throw in the towel.

About a week ago the home page for displayed pictures of sunny Florida with links to exploring Miami and Key West. The top of its page read “That's it. We surrender. Winter you win. Key west anyone?” But now the gimmick is having a different effect.  read more »

Protecting Pets


New York is cracking down on tattoos and body piercings; but only for certain customers.

Earlier this week Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law banning tattoos and piercings for animals. That comes after a recent trend in people trying to glamorize their animals and circulating the pictures online.

The bill was introduced three years ago when a Pennsylvania woman attempted to sell kittens with piercings down their neck and spines. It gained steam when someone in Brooklyn tattooed his pit bull while the dog was put out for surgery.

Governor Cuomo says this is a form of animal abuse and will no longer be tolerated. He says this is a bill that he never imagined he would sign but thanks to a few misguided people it is now law.  read more »

Wi-Fi Orchestra


A New York man is putting a new tune on staying connected.

It’s never an unusual sight to see a variety of performers entertaining commuters on the New York subway system. But most of the time the audience is buried in their favorite hand held device thanks to the system’s high speed Wi-Fi. Now one man is combining the two for what is being called the first ever “Wi-Fi Orchestra.”

Director Chris Shimojima arranged a live musical experiment with eleven subway performers at nine different stations. Then Russian composer Lev Zhurbin wrote a piece called “signal strength” for the musicians to perform at the same time. The setup took two hours with the musicians being set up with a computer and headphones provided by the director.  read more »

Living Expenses


When it comes to real estate, it’s all about location. And your zip code could cost you.

The most expensive city in the country might surprise you. While most people say its New York the city that never sleeps is actually resting comfortably in the number three spot. Experts say that’s because most people only take into account the cost of rent or a mortgage. But the bureau of labor statistics says there are a lot more factors that go into the cost of living, and it’s measuring all of them.

For example besides paying for the actual roof over your head, there’s also utilities, furnishing and equipment such as appliances and window coverings. And because of the added expenses another east coast city is taking the top spot for high cost living.  read more »

Stressful Cities


Feeling a little stressed; blame your zip code.

No matter where you live chances are you’re worried about your job, or paying the bills or getting stuck in traffic. But some people have it worse than others and it’s taking a toll on their blood pressure.

To find out where most of the country’s stress is living, the Movoto real estate blog took a closer look at big cities and the mental health of the people that call them home. To rank each city the blog looked at factors such as commute time, unemployment and cost of living. The higher any of those factors; the more stressful the city.  read more »

Football on Broadway


Super Bowl 48 is right around the corner and the teams aren't the only ones preparing to take center stage.

This year's Super Bowl is being held in New Jersey with New York right across the river. And to welcome the big game Broadway is preparing for a big show. The Jersey Boys and Rock of Ages will perform special outdoor concerts and a discount ticket deal on Broadway tickets has been launched offering fans two shows for the price of one.

Broadway is also taking advantage of all the sports fans swarming into the city by altering schedules to offer more matinee performances. The only day the marquees will remain dark is after kick off on Super Bowl Sunday. Organizers say the theaters know that competing with the big game means empty seats and lost revenue.  read more »

The Big House


Most inmates count the days until they’re out of the big house; but one New York man is facing charges for busting back in.

New York City police say for at least a week Matthew Matagrano was using phony credentials to get into various prisons. The latest case was last Thursday when he arrived at the Manhattan prison around three in the afternoon.

Police say surveillance cameras caught him mingling with inmates, giving them cigarettes and smoking with them in the common area. Police say he has been getting in by flashing a gold shield and telling people he is a detective from the department’s intelligence unit.  read more »

Sex Ed


Class is in session for students in New York; and one after school activity is getting special attention.

Thanks to a new program students as young as 14 can get birth control at 13 city high schools without parental consent. The program is called CATCH or “Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Health.” It gives students access to oral contraceptives including the controversial morning after pill.  read more »

Apple Related Crime


It seems the big apple is not very apple friendly.

According to a New York City daily web-blog; the city’s police department is reporting a spike in Apple product related crime. Police say over the last year crimes involving Apple have increased by more than 40%. A rate that is ten times larger than the overall crime increase which stands at just 4%.

New York police attribute the spree to the soaring popularity of Apple products and the recent release of the iPhone 5. Sneaking up behind someone and stealing their new phone is more appealing to law breaking citizens then standing in line and paying full price.  read more »