new year's resolutions

Electric Shock Therapy


Want to make sure you keep your new year’s resolutions? Shock yourself into submission.

Thanks to a new wristband all of your vices can be cured thanks to its use of electric shock aversion therapy. It’s called the Pavlok bracelet and is named for Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov. He famously trained dogs to associate the sound of a bell with food so that every time they heard the sound they began to drool.  read more »

Job Openings


New year, new job. But where should you start the search.

New year’s resolutions are easy to make but they’re not so easy to keep. But if you’re vowing on bringing in 2014 behind the desk at a new company there are a few out there looking to add to their payroll. And to help narrow it down has a list of 20 companies that are hiring right now.

First up is advanced resources. Jobs in industries that include office, clerical, accounting and human resources. The positions up for grabs include senior accountants, receptionists and web developers. And right now the area of the country looking to fill these spots is in the greater Chicago area.  read more »

Food and Fitness


It's the holiday season and two big businesses are at the center of the celebration.

During this time of year two major industries take over; food and fitness. It's estimated that on Christmas day alone people eat around 6,000 calories; three times the daily recommendation. Nicholas Frank is the owner of Fit Body Boot Camp Dublin in the San Francisco bay area. He says even though businesses are rolling out the seasonal treats doesn't mean you have to buy in.

“No matter what you do in excess it's won't be good because none of those options are fantastic.”  read more »