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Jobs for 2017


It's a brand new year and as the world continues to move forward so does your nine to five.

The job market is changing with new technology adding and removing opportunity. So what will 2017 bring us when it comes to advancing your resume? To help you figure out what gig you might be qualified for MSN Money has a list of the eight jobs that the New Year is putting on the radar.

For example, a simulated astronaut. You have to meet the basic requirements of the NASA astronaut program and it only brings in 18 grand a year but you can say you helped put people on the red planet by simulating life on Mars.  read more »

Starting Over


For years you work towards retirement, but maybe you need a plan B.

Joe Bartley is an 89-year-old army veteran living in Britain. Recently he placed an ad asking for employment. The ad read “senior citizen seeks employment, twenty plus hours per week. Still able to clean, light gardening and do it yourself.”

The ad received so much attention that local media asked Bartley the reason behind it. He says his wife died two years ago and he now lives in a senior living center. He says he goes to the center's community area but no one's there and when he goes home he has no one to talk to. In short, Bartley is bored out of his mind.  read more »

Rules For New Employees


Starting a new job? There are a few rules to follow if you plan on sticking around.

Once you get past the interview process and you're officially in the front door the hard part isn't over. A handshake and a paycheck doesn't mean they have to keep you around. So to boost your chances of making it through the first few months of scrutiny there are a few things you should avoid falling victim to. And some of them might take a little self-control.  read more »

New Year, New Jobs


It's the final weekend of 2011 and if you're looking for a new start in the New Year here are some places to begin.

According to a recent study the jobless rate should continue to drop to eight point eight percent by the end of next year. And it might finally be a good time to finish that college degree. The National Association of College and Employer’s Job Outlook survey says employers plan to hire nine point five percent more graduates from the class of 2012 than they did from the class of 2011.  read more »

A Whole New World


When you were a kid perhaps you wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut. Well today's generation is on a whole new path, a path that ten years ago didn't even exist.

From the latest gadgets to living green, economic changes over the past decade have brought us many new industries. And job titles that would once have made you skeptical are becoming the norm. Career Builder has put together a list of the ten careers that didn't exist ten years ago. For example number ten on the list is the Virtual Business Service Provider. These people offer public relations service, concerige service or customer service from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to telecommuting, the internet and video conferencing all the work in an office can be done from your couch of kitchen table.  read more »