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Wanted: Part Time Hermit


There is a job opening in Austria and it's a safe bet you have plenty of experience to land the gig.

Municipal and Catholic Church officials in a small town in Austria are on the hunt for a part time hermit to live in a remote home built into the side of a steep cliff. Other qualifications church officials are looking for include someone who is at peace with themselves. They should also have a Christian outlook and be ready to greet any visiting pilgrims to their remote dwelling.  read more »

A Plot of Land


Looking for a new job? How about a new job and your own piece of land?

In a small village in Nova Scotia there is a store called Farmer's Daughter Market that is run by two sisters. They inherited the business from their parents and since then have been trying to fill in the gaps in the staff. Unfortunately for them no one was biting, so they decided to sweeten the deal.

In addition to the store the sisters also inherited more than 100 acres of family land. So in a new job posting anyone who applies also has a shot at owning their own plot of land. But there is a catch. In order to become owner of two acres you have to remain employed at the store for five years and at the end of that five years you must be on professional and friendly terms with the sisters.  read more »

Job Openings


New year, new job. But where should you start the search.

New year’s resolutions are easy to make but they’re not so easy to keep. But if you’re vowing on bringing in 2014 behind the desk at a new company there are a few out there looking to add to their payroll. And to help narrow it down has a list of 20 companies that are hiring right now.

First up is advanced resources. Jobs in industries that include office, clerical, accounting and human resources. The positions up for grabs include senior accountants, receptionists and web developers. And right now the area of the country looking to fill these spots is in the greater Chicago area.  read more »

The Quitting Quiz


Considering a career change? Time to test out your true feelings.

Every now and then a bad day in the office makes you want to quit and run for the door. But the memory of a steady paycheck often slows you down. So how can you tell if this feeling is just a mild frustration or something more?

To help wrap your mind around turning in your two weeks’ notice has put together a quiz on whether or not to quit. It features ten questions designed to determine your next move. Answer the questions honestly and find out if it’s just a bad day or time to resign.  read more »