new jersey

The Armpit of America


Dove is unleashing a new line of deodorant; and they’re applying the campaign to the armpit of America.

Called Dove Advance Care the new line promises to help beautify a woman’s armpit. And to start spreading the word the company is unveiling a new billboard this summer in July. The billboard will read quote “Dear New Jersey, when people call you the armpit of America take it as a compliment, sincerely Dove.” End quote.

The senior marketing director says New Jersey often gets a bad rap and despite its unflattering nickname he says New Jersey should realize that the armpit is not a bad thing. He says the company is standing up for the armpit and everything it’s associated with.  read more »

Late Night Muscle


Late night meals are getting some extra security in New Jersey.

In May an off-duty police officer was killed in a drive by shooting at the Texas Fried Chicken and Pizza restaurant in Newark. Now the city has passed a law requiring restaurants that serve fifteen or fewer people to hire an armed guard past nine pm. If the restaurant is unwilling to pay for the extra muscle they have to close at ten pm.  read more »

Sexing Up Atlantic City


Atlantic City is hoping to score some more customers and they’re gambling with the idea that sex really does sell.

Gambling in Atlantic City started to take off in 1978. Since then the city has been town over marketing themselves as family friendly or the sin city of the east coast. But lately it seems a direction has been chosen and it’s scantily clad. Blackjack dealers in the casinos are now wearing lingerie, there’s a new million dollar “gentlemen’s club” and soon visitors can enjoy the naked circus.  read more »

Tis the Season to be Sneaky


Tis the season to be merry and maybe even a little bit sneaky.

Everyone has their annual Christmas traditions and one person’s is adding an air of mystery to a busy New Jersey highway. For the fourth year in a row a self proclaimed secret Santa is hanging Christmas tree ornaments on a large pine tree on the side of the garden state parkway. In true Saint Nick form, the culprit strikes at night. The first ornament, a gold star was discovered over a week ago. No one has yet to claim responsibility for the decorations.  read more »

A Snowy Super Bowl


Break out the long johns and probably some extra socks. The 2014 Super Bowl is going to be a cold one.  read more »