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Late Christmas Gift


Planning on getting everyone on your Christmas list an iPhone X this year? Better keep shopping.

Mac Rumors has obtained a report from a man widely considered the best Apple analyst on the planet. He says that the iPhone X will not be available in mass quantities until well into next year and that means not so happy holidays for the tech giant.  read more »

Happy Birthday iPhone


The iPhone is celebrating its 10th birthday and it's growing up fast.

Ten years ago this week Steve Jobs stepped on stage and debuted a revolutionary new idea. A device he said was the perfect marriage of three products; a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls and a web browser. Since the unveiling the iPhone has grown into the recently released iPhone 7 Plus, has millions of apps and has changed the way the world communicates. So as it approaches the terrible teenage years, where will Apple and the iPhone go from here?  read more »

The Apple Chime


When Apple's new MacBook Pro hits the market, the upgraded version is going to be missing something you might not have even noticed.

Do you remember what happens when you open up an older version of the MacBook Pro? Depending on your love for Apple you might know that the answer to that question is that the iconic Apple chime sounds. But this time around the Silicon Valley powerhouse has decided to do away with the F-sharp chord.

Instead the new MacBook Pro will quietly turn itself on and power up when you open it. The power button will still need to be used when you want to turn the computer off. The company says this will put a stop to your laptop powering up and blaring out a noise when you are in a public place or in a meeting.  read more »

The iPhone 7 Launch


Its iPhone 7 release week, so are you purchasing or passing?

This weekend Apple fans can head to the store, wait in long lines and spend hundreds of dollars on the updated version of the iPhone. But is the latest model worth buying into?

To help make up your mind, Forbes magazine has taken a close look at all the details the iPhone 7 has to offer and narrowed it down to the five main reasons you should consider buying it. Or if those reason don't appeal to you, then maybe save your hard earned money for the next big rollout.  read more »

iPhone Secrets


You might use your iPhone for almost everything; but it still has a few undiscovered tricks in its case.

It can tweet, give you directions and pay your bills but there are some features on your iPhone that most people don't know about. So to unlock the secrets of your favorite device Entrepreneur Media took a closer look at the settings and put together a list of the ten things you might not know your phone can do.

For example say you're an aviation buff. You can ask Siri what planes are overhead and the phone will tell you about all the different flights taking place over your head at the moment. And speaking of Siri you can also ask her to read your texts out loud. When finished you can have her reply, read them again or delete them.  read more »

2016 Tech Predictions

crystal ball.jpg

It's the New Year and while people made a lot of resolutions; how about a few predictions?

While it's hard to predict what the tech world is going to roll out in 2016 it's always fun to guess; so the people at Yahoo Tech are giving it their best shot. And predictions range from the somewhat likely to the probably not gonna happen in the next twelve months. And it starts with the easiest prediction in the world.

Apple is going to roll out a new Apple Watch and a new iPhone in the next year. The tech giant is expected to release Apple Watch 2.0 sometime this spring. And next fall, rumors have it that we will see the release of the iPhone 7 which is expected to include a fingerprint sensor on the screen, wireless charging and multiple cameras.  read more »

Fake iPhones

fake phone.jpg

The phrase “made in China” is getting a closer look by police.

Earlier this week Beijing police busted a major iPhone counterfeiting operation in China. Police say the factory that was raided produced more than 40,000 phones, some of which made it here to America. Nine people were arrested in the raid including a married couple that was leading the whole thing.

They allegedly set up the factory with six assembly lines in January. In an attempt to stay under the radar that factory was made to look like a gadget maintenance business. Instead the couple hired hundreds of workers to repackage second hand smartphone components as iPhones for export.  read more »


new phones.png

It looks like Apple’s new iPhone is getting tangled up in another case of bad publicity.

The iPhone 6 launched on a wave of excitement and anticipation over Apple’s first new major product since the death of co-founder Steve Jobs. But soon the hype turned a little rotten when people started reporting that the new phone bends. And now users are complaining about another problem.

On Twitter people are saying that the phone is catching hair from people’s heads and beards and pulling them out. According to their tweets hairs are getting stuck in the thin seam between the glass and the aluminum on the new handsets.  read more »

Segregated Sidewalks


China is segregating its sidewalks; and the division is based on cell phone use.

One of the busiest sidewalks in southwestern China now has two lanes. One for people that on their cell phones and one for people that are not. The lanes are 50 meters long and three meters wide and have white warning signs painted on the ground.

A spokesperson for the developer who came up with the idea says the separate lanes are mainly meant for tourists who aren’t used to China’s crowded streets. He says this could save people from potential safety hazards or embarrassing situations.  read more »

The New Apple

apple logo.png

The new face of Apple is here and it can be found on your wrist.

After months of speculation Apple finally unveiled the smart watch earlier this week. This was a big moment for the company and new CEO Tim Cook who had yet to make any groundbreaking announcements since stepping into the spotlight.

As for Apple itself the watch is its first major new product since the iPad. It's called the Apple Watch and combines health and fitness monitoring with the ability to run a variety of apps. It's the company's first wearable computer and a device Cook says will be the next chapter of Apple. There will be three editions of the Apple Watch with the cheapest starting at $350. They are scheduled to be released next year.  read more »