new emoji's

Politically Correct Emoji's


It looks like the next wave of emoji's is getting politically correct.

When it releases its operating system 10 Apple will put out emoji's that are linked to some of the more controversial topics from today's headlines. For example the gun emoji is going to be replaced with a green water pistol. This comes after people used the gun image on social media and got into trouble with the law. It also follows a campaign by activists who say the image of the gun wasn't appropriate given the recent shootings involving unarmed African American men and police officers.  read more »

Female Emoji's


The world of emoji's is getting a little girl power.

Experts say that more than 90% of the world speaks emoji. That means that emotions both good and bad are now being expressed with a little cartoon character. These days we have emoji’s for everything from bacon strips to a burrito. But when it comes to emoji's representing people they seemed to all look like men; now that's about to change.  read more »

New Emoji's


Good news for the strong silent type; your list of images to communicate with is now growing.

67 new emoji's are being rolled out this year and among them is the highly sought after strip of bacon. But that's not the only image avid texters can't wait for; the list also includes avocado, a croissant, an egg and two glasses clinking together.

The new emoji's are being released by Unicode 9.0 which promises to have them up and running by the summer. Experts say they will likely be part of Apple's latest software system which is expected to be released in September along with the iPhone 7.  read more »