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Driverless Cars

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Distracted driving is about to get a lot less distracting.

According to Google it will soon be possible to do all the things in your car that takes your attention off the road. In fact in the next few years the one thing you won't have to do while driving; is actually drive.

Earlier this week Google announced that expects real people to be using driverless cars on real roads in the next two to five years. The company says while people will actually get a chance to get behind the wheel the cars would still be test vehicles. Google says it is still examining how the cars interact with pedestrians and other drivers; so any data they record will be closely monitored.  read more »

The Armadillo-T


Can't find a parking space big enough for your ride; try folding it in half.

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has developed an electric car dubbed the Armadillo-T. The two-seater vehicle can travel 62 miles on a ten minute charge and has a maximum speed of 37 miles an hour. And when it's time to hang it up, no spot is too small.

With a click on a smartphone the back of the Armadillo-T will fold over the front almost halving its body length to just 65 inches. The car's developers got rid of rear view mirrors by adding tiny digital cameras that show the back and sides of the car on a screen in the dashboard. A Windows based computer system communicates with the driver's smartphone and enables self-parking and of course folding in half.  read more »

Future Savings


Ready for a new car? If you’re thinking of trading in for something smaller; you might want to put the brakes on the search.

Right now the price for a smaller, more gas friendly car is at a record high. But those ticket numbers are expected to come down in the next few months. Analysts say the drop will be caused by a number of reasons. The price at the pump has gone down making people more comfortable about buying up some of the bigger cars. Small car giants Honda and Toyota; both damaged by Japan’s earthquake will start revving up production. And since that will fill up car lots Japan and Detroit will start offering up small car discounts to free up the space.  read more »

Best New Cars for Your Cash

There's nothing better than the sweet smell of a new car. Especially if your new car was the best buy for your buck and will give you peace of mind from any future threat of skyrocketing gas prices.

In April Consumer Reports will release its picks for the best in the car world. Through tests and research they list everything from the best truck to the best mini-van. And in this weak economy they are providing you with the five most fuel efficient new cars for their value. Consumer Reports Auto Content Specialist Mike Quincy says its about recouping your money over time of ownership.  read more »