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Pocket Points


Want your college student to make the most out of their education? There's an app for that.

For most students, their smartphones provides them with all the tools necessary to ignore every word their professors say. Something that doesn't pan out to well when it comes to midterms and finals. Now an app called “Pocket Points” is trying to change that with an incentive that every broke college student can appreciate, money.

Students open the app when the class begins, lock their phones and set them aside. The app starts amassing points depending on how long the phone is locked, and those points can be chased in at nearby businesses.  read more »

Time Management


Not enough time in your day' there's an app for that.

Timeful is a free app that makes sure you have time to complete everything in your busy schedule. It uses artificial intelligence to schedule things to do based on meetings and events you are already committed to. It also estimates how long it will take to do everything.

It works by allowing users to connect their online calendars and integrate all the upcoming events. Users can also add items they need to get done and habits they want to establish. Then the app determines how long it would take to do everything and when's the best time to do it. It also calculates when and where a task is most likely to be completed. Then it creates a schedule giving you the best chance of success.  read more »

Spilling Secrets


Can't keep a secret; now you don't have to.

“Secret” is a new app that allows people to share anonymous messages within their circle of friends. The creators say the idea behind the free app is a sort of public confessional. After joining secret users can instantly connect to contacts in their address books. That means the secrets coming through could be from someone you know.

The creators say that makes their app more compelling and gives users a way to confess things to their friends. And this isn't the only app that allows people to spill what's on their mind. Apps such as Yik Yak, Snapchat and Whisper have all capitalized on people's desire to reveal something.  read more »

Social Apps


Looking for the latest hot spot; there’s an app for that.

Superb is an app that is forcing people away from their screens and out into the real world. It works by showing users a full screen image of venues such as bars, restaurants of hiking trails. A swipe to the right adds that place to the user’s to do list. A swipe to the left indicates they are not interested and tapping the middle button indicates they’ve already been.

The app’s co-founder says it’s all about getting offline and the best way to do that is to know where people want to go. And if you can’t figure out what you feel like doing there’s an app for that too.  read more »

Relationship Not


Not sure how to tell your best friend that their latest relationship is going nowhere; there's an app for that.

When your friend meets someone new and you think they're a dud what do you do? Keep your mouth shut and you feel like a bad friend. Voice your opinion and chances are they won't listen to you and it might solidify the dreaded bond even more.

Well now you have the chance to voice your opinion without actually voicing it. The app “Forever Not” lets you anonymously vote on the chances of a couple's relationship. Then it lets them see the results without letting them know who said what.  read more »