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The Push of a Button


There's an app for everything; and now there's a button for those apps.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but in order to get to it you have to turn your phone on, slide some things around and launch the right app. Now one company is cutting that down with a button it calls “Flic.”

Flic is about the size of a quarter and can be assigned to a number of functions. For example if you have a smart home you can push it to dim the lights or launch Netflix. If you're out at night you can use it as a panic button. And according to Wired magazine the company is working to connect Flic with even more apps so you can do all your favorite things without picking up your phone.  read more »

The Homeless App

leo grand.png

When life gives you lemons; create your own app.

Leo grand has been homeless and living on the streets of Manhattan since 2011. That’s when he lost his job at Metlife and was priced out of his apartment building thanks to a new high rise that went up nearby.

Then in August he was approached by a young programmer with a choice; take $100 or learn computer code. Grand chose code and for the next 109 days the two met for an hour every weekday. Grand was also given three textbooks and a computer to use.

Then last week Grand launched his app called “Trees for Cars.” It aims to save the environment by helping users carpool to their destinations. It also tracks how much carbon dioxide is saved by people who carpool creating a friendly competition among users.   read more »