Job Security


Think you're secure in your job; think again.

Even the most qualified and hardest working person at work is in danger of being shown the door. And in most cases it's their own actions that end with them packing a cardboard box. So to help you avoid an unfortunate turn of events MSN has put together a list of six things you can unknowingly do to derail your career; and chances are you're already guilty.

For example, number one on the list is a sudden stop to networking. Experts say knowing the right people within the four walls of your office isn't enough. Should the time come for you to find another job you're going to need a couple contacts. In some cases the people you know can prove more valuable than the things you know.  read more »

The Right People


Ready for the next step of the corporate ladder; there are a couple of people you should get to know. says getting to know your company’s executives could be one of the best things you do for your career. After all your job security is in their hands so they might as well know your name. But before you invite your CEO out for coffee there are a few guidelines when it comes to networking up.  read more »

Executive Networking

Social networking sites are designed to connect you to people but what about connecting you with the right job?

Molly Wendell is CEO of Executives Network, a company she started to teach people how to network their way to their next job. When Molly found herself looking for work after fifteen years as a Marketing Executive she started the job search by looking at job boards and sending out her resume. But Molly soon noticed that there weren't many managment level positions posted so after an unsuccessful year and no job offers she began reaching out to old contacts and building up her network. Soon she had received thirty serious job offers within ninety days. Wendell says being a great networker can get your foot in all the right doors.  read more »

Unemployment Advice

These days help wanted signs at stores draw a bigger crowd than 75 percent off sales. So how can you get to the head of the massive line of job seekers?

Believe it or not there are jobs out there. Some companies are hiring. In fact Yahoo Hot Jobs Senior Editor Tom Musbach says cities such as New York, Houston, Atlanta, San Francisco and Oakland are top markets for job openings and opportunities. Musbach says in these tough times you have to expand your resources and nurture any and all networks you might have.  read more »