Breast Cancer Awareness


It’s breast cancer awareness month and one company is putting the cause front and center.

In a new video by Nestle an actress is equipped with a hidden camera disguised as a button on her bra. Then sporting a low cut shirt she goes about her regular day. In the video a counter keeps a running tally of how many times someone sneaks a peek and is caught by the bra camera.

In all fairness the goods are hard to avoid. The bra she is wearing is hot pink and her shirt is not fully buttoned. And this is not Nestle’s first attempt at pointing this out. Last year it released a video that featured a bra that would send out a tweet whenever it was unclasped.  read more »

Grumpy the Cat


The internet’s most famous face is paying off.

The brown and white pout of Grumpy cat has now scored an endorsement deal. Earlier this week Nestle Purina pet care announced that grumpy will be the new face and spokescat for a Friskies brand of cat food.

For the past few months Grumpy the cat has taken over the internet. She is a constant presence on social media with her picture being used on pictures with captions that read “I don’t like days that end in y” or “I’m listening, I just don’t care.” Grumpy’s own Facebook page has more than 1.3 million likes and she boasts 111,000 Twitter followers.  read more »

Slimming Down


Need a workout buddy; look no further than your four legged friends.

Nestle, the world’s biggest food group is teaming up with Purina and Jenny Craig for “project pet slim down.” It’s an online program, available only here in the U.S. that is designed to help people and their pets trim a few inches.

Nestle says when people sign up they will receive tips for exercising with their animals, they can record their exercise, track weight loss and share photos. Users will also be able to follow the slim down process that five overweight cats and three dogs are undertaking.  read more »

Commercials for Dogs


Nestle has a new commercial hitting the airwaves; and it’s aiming for the ears of a specific audience.

The world’s biggest maker of pet food has launched a commercial that uses a high frequency tone to attract the attention of dogs. Nestle sought out the help of U.S. pet experts to research what sounds would appeal to dogs. The result is their new 23 second commercial for Beneful dog food.

A nutrition expert with Nestle says a dogs hearing is twice as sharp as humans. This gives them the ability to pick up frequencies beyond our range. The commercial features a tone similar to a dog whistle, a squeak similar to the sound of a dog toy and a high pitched ping. The brand manager for Beneful says the commercial aims to reach both the pet and the owner.  read more »