national association of broadcasters

Tuning Out


People have had it with TV and broadcasters are trying to tune them back in.

This week the National Association of Broadcasters met in Las Vegas. On the agenda was how to win back the Zero TV crowd; a term developed last month referring to people who don’t pay for satellite or cable. Instead they watch shows and movies through an internet connection.

Today there are five million households in the U.S. that qualify as Zero TV; up from two million in 2007. And while show creators and networks still make money through online advertising; traditional TV stations are coming up empty.  read more »

A Boost for Local Media


Traditional broadcasters are finding new ways to stay competitive with cable and the internet. And technology may help them succeed.

At the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas I found traditional media outlets embracing new technology to survive. Dennis Wharton is the Executive Vice President of Media Relations for the NAB and says broadcasting is embracing the younger generation. Wharton says the industry is working on streaming live local television to mobile devices and the backseats of cars and planting FM chips so cell phones will have radio capability. But aside from entertainment Wharton says broadcasting will remain the most effective means of communication in times of trouble.  read more »

A Multi Layered Future


The next wave of the future is coming and it looks like you’re going to need some glasses.

At the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas one thing became clear. The world is going 3-D and your eyes better adjust fast because it will be everywhere. Intel Product Marketing Director Troy Winslow says 3-D technology has been all over the technology shows especially the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Winslow says we are now capable of processing 3-D images economically, plus we have the processing power to handle it. Jim Wickizer is the Marketing Manager for Panasonic Solutions Company and they were there with a whole line of 3-D equipment that ranged from cameras to computer monitors. But Wickizer says this is only the beginning.  read more »