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The Wine Industry


Every business has its obstacles; especially when you're dealing with Mother Nature.

Since 1977 Robert Foley has been making wine in California’s Napa valley. Now he is the vintner for a number of small wineries while also producing his own blends.

“It is a tough business, truth be spoken if you want to make a small fortune start with a large fortune.

This year winemakers in California are facing an extra challenge because of the long term drought. But so far Foley says the fruit being harvested looks promising mainly because they knew what to expect. Then the recent earthquake in Napa delivered another setback with damage to vineyards and wineries. But no matter how tough the business might get, wine makers know the customers will always be there.  read more »

The Napa Valley Harvest


Its harvest time in the Napa Valley; and as some people start picking grapes others are picking up the pieces following the six point oh earthquake that hit the area.

“Everybody’s banding together to make it ok but some people took serious damage other people not at all.”

Since the August 24th earthquake more than 100 wineries have reported damage. Now Napa’s wine community has formed a member’s only chat room to help each other with things such as tank space, repairs and barrel storage. Wine makers say because they share the same knowledge it makes sense that they work together to make sure the wine keeps flowing.

“It’s always a surprise we live in earthquake country we recognize what’s happening but you can’t possibly plan for it no one can plan for it.”  read more »