Movie Theater Mode


Is making movies better, by making you less annoying.

Every movie theater has the warning about silencing your cell phone and refraining from texting in the dark room. Unfortunately not everyone pays attention and suddenly their next phone call becomes too important to ignore. Now Microsoft has patented a way to make your phone less disruptive.

It works by offering users an “inconspicuous mode” that means the sounds are gone and the screen is a faint glow. Notifications such as text messages or incoming calls don't show up on the home screen and the time is displayed in a larger font so you can easily glance at it. But if that doesn't sit well for people closely attached to their hand held device they can cater the mode to their needs.  read more »

New Movies


It's award season for Hollywood and as the stars celebrate the best of 2014, we look forward to the premieres of 2015.

This weekend the seventy second annual Golden Globes ceremony will be held. And once again the red carpet will fill with the people who keep a multibillion dollar industry alive. But after a tainted holiday movie season thanks to the Sony hacking scandal, how is tinsel town planning to rebound in the New Year?  read more »

Hollywood Lies


Is the working world not what you expected; blame the silver screen.

Hollywood’s story lines are usually fictitious; and when the closing credits roll its back to the real world; even at the work place. Recently Sonia Acosta, a writer for took a look at the false perception of Hollywood’s job market. Acosta says in this economy people are struggling and people are trying to survive. But the same cannot be said about the nine to fives portrayed on screen.  read more »

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Silver Screen Love


Going to the movies provides you with two hours of mindless entertainment. But once everyone lives happily ever after and the credits roll it’s back to the real world, or is it?

According to a poll of 1,000 Australians, romantic comedy movies are starting to impact people’s lives. The survey was released by Warner Home Video to mark the DVD release of the feel good movie “Valentine’s Day.” According to the survey almost half of the people who responded said the endless happy endings at these types of movies have swayed their views of relationships.  read more »

Fast and the Famous

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Sometimes it's the props that make a movie or television scene come alive. And sometimes those props drive off with all the star power.

Some of the biggest silver screen stars throughout history have a motor and four wheels. So Hagerty Insurance, the leading insurer of collectible cars, decided it might be good for business to conduct a survey to find out which celebrity cars made the top ten list of movie and tv buffs.

Mckeel Hagerty says each vehicle on the list not only played an integral part in a movie or TV show storyline but each possessed an on-screen personality of its own. Hagerty says this allowed the cars to become another character people could relate to.  read more »