Italy is trying to balance its budget; but the plan has some cities striking out on their own.

City mayors from all over Italy are upset about the country’s plan to merge small towns to balance out the budget by 2013. The $65.3 billion budget also calls for significant cuts to local government funding. Under this proposal the town of Filettino is set to merge with nearby Trevi.  read more »

Till Debt Do You Part


You may have promised to forsake all others but what about forsaking your finances.

According to an online poll three in ten Americans commit financial infidelity by lying to their spouses about money. The poll of about two thousand people showed thirty one percent of couples who had combined their cash weren’t up front about hidden bank accounts, cash and debt.  read more »

Shredded Cash

fixing cash.jpg

In today’s world there’s a solution for everything; including $6,000 of shredded cash.

A Taiwanese man, who only gave his last name as Lin dropped a bag containing $6,600 U.S. dollars into his factory’s shredding machine. But thanks to a forensic scientist every last bill has been recovered and pieced back together. Upon realizing his mistake Lin had the shredded bills transferred to the forensics division of the justice ministry’s special investigations unit. There scientist Liu Hui-Fen, nicknamed the “jigsaw expert” was able to put the cash back together.  read more »

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A Disposable Income

new bill.jpg

It’s not an easy job stimulating our economy, especially if you can’t print the money.

Because of a problem with the printing presses the U.S. government has shut down all production of the brand new $100 bill. And to make matters worse they’ve quarantined another one billion of the bills, about 10% of the entire U.S. cash supply, in a Texas vault. The problem is with the bills high tech security features. The 3D security strip and the color shifting image of a bell was designed to stump any would be counterfeiters. Unfortunately they’ve also stumped the printing presses which can’t seem to handle the new details.  read more »

Millionaire Drawbacks


So you want to be a millionaire? You might want to think again.

According to the last personal wealth statistics study conducted by the IRS about 2.7 million Americans held gross assets of $1.5million or more. And with the game shows and the lottery and the contests everyone is looking to break into that tax bracket. But according to the investment dictionary the golden life might be a little tarnished.  read more »

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Money Can Buy Happiness...Almost


Do you find that your mood fluctuates with your bank balance? You aren’t the only one.

According to a recent study conducted by the center for health and well being at Princeton University, a person’s emotional well being increases along with their income. But only to a certain extent. Economist Angus Deaton is one of the researchers and says once people pass the $75,000 a year mark happiness tapers off. Deaton says at this level stuff is so in your face that it’s hard to be happy and the money begins to interfere with your enjoyment.  read more »

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A Rainy Day Fund


If you didn't make a habit of saving money, the past year has taught you a harsh lesson. So maybe 2010 is the year to bank a little change and maybe it can be easier than you think.

MSN Money has put together a list of nine sneaky ways to save money. Nine things you can do to boost your bank account without feeling the pinch. Rebecca Schreiber is a Financial Planner in Washington, D.C. and while she acknowledges that these days it's hard to set aside money, even two to five dollars a week will eventually add up. Skipping your latte twice a week could mean an extra $200 a year. A cushion that could come in handy for the next rainy day.  read more »

Get Rich Quick

piggy bank 2.jpg

Your pockets may be feeling a little bit lighter these days and whether you're one of the lucky employed or looking for your next paycheck there are other ways to bring home some bacon.

Career Builder has put together a list of ten creative ways people are boosting their income. One simple solution is selling your books. If you're a college student or still have some college textbooks you can sell them back to your school or through some websites. You probably won't get as much as you paid for them but it's a way to make some quick cash. And if you didn't hold on to your old school books raid your personal library. Anything you don't read anymore can be sold to used bookstores.  read more »