minimum wage

Sign Spinning Championship


Ever see those people on the corner spinning a sign; turns out their time might be worth more than minimum wage.

Last week more than 100 of the best sign spinners competed in Las Vegas for the title of world sign spinning champion. In multiple heats, with music blasting, competitors wowed the crowd with skills that included twirling a five pound sign with one hand, twirling while taking off a jacket and twirling while holding a handstand.

Clint Hartman is a sign spinner from Oregon. He says he thought this would be a temporary job but has now been spinning for more than twelve years. And when he's not on the corner bringing in the customers he is teaching his moves to other people at least once a week.  read more »

Fast Food Human Element

McD logo-thumb-800x480.jpg

While some fast food companies are going high tech, one company is sticking with a familiar recipe.

Despite reports that other fast food chains are switching out workers for kiosks, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook says the golden arches has no plans to do the same. He says even though it can be argued that switching to machines where customers can order and pay from might save money there are other ways to cut back.

He says McDonalds will look at automating more of the food preparation process to give employees more time to interact with guests and boost customer service. Easterbrook says they are competing with numerous other companies that provide a chance for people to eat out but he wants to make sure McDonald’s provides a human element to the experience.  read more »

A New Working Class


Looking to get your foot in the door? Your field of competitors might have gone high tech.

It's no surprise that many of the jobs people do are slowly being taken over by machines. But according to a new study the flesh and blood may no longer be needed for anything considered minimum wage. In its annual economic report of the president the White House found that there is an 83% chance that automation will take a job with an hourly wage below $20. When the wage raises from $30 to $40 the chance a robot can fulfill it falls to 31%. And that number drops to 4% if the hourly wage is above $40 an hour.  read more »

Minimum Wage Woes


Germany has a new minimum wage law, but not everyone is cashing in.

This year the German chancellor introduced the country's first minimum wage law. It requires that employees get paid at least $9 an hour. Supporters of the minimum wage law said more than three million people would benefit from the increase in pay. However when it comes to the bottom line of most employees, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The Food and Catering Union says it is fielding up to 400 calls a day from people who say their employees are finding creative ways around the new law. Butchers say they are being told to pay $106 a month to use the knives required to do their job right. Bakers say they are being paid in warm bread and soft pastries instead of cold hard cash.  read more »

The Minimum Wage Debate


States looking to improve their economic outlook might want to start by shelling out a few more bucks.

According to a report by the Department of Labor the 13 states that raised minimum wage added jobs at a faster pace than those who kept the purse strings tight. According to the report the number of jobs grew an average of 85% in the past six months. The average for the other 37 states was 61%.

As of 2009 the federal government has mandated a national minimum wage of at least $7.25 per hour. Then at this year's State of the Union address President Obama called on congress to raise that number to just over $10. Shortly after that he signed an executive order making sure people working on federal service contracts were paid that rate.  read more »