michelle obama

Presidential Gifts


With great power, comes great responsibility; and if you're the leader of the free world it also comes with gifts.

Turns out President Obama never leaves empty handed from almost every meet and greet with other world leaders. According to the state department's annual accounting of gifts Mr. Obama has received thousands of dollars in gifts from people hoping to get in good with our country's head honcho.

Some of those include a $6,500 rug from Azerbijan, a zebra skin and a silver platter engraved with major world cities. Some gifts such as a Hebrew translation of his memoir “Dreams from My Father” are personal. Others such as a $10,000 sculpture of an eagle are meant to impress.  read more »

Silent Graduations


Its graduation season; and the ceremonies are getting a lot less talkative.

While thousands of students across the country prepare to walk across the big stage; their scheduled speakers are just walking away. Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice and the head of the International Monetary Fund are just some of the people who were expected to speak at various graduations. But once students got wind of the plan protests and petitions ramped up and the big names backed off.  read more »

Powerful Women


Women are busting through the glass ceiling; any way they can.

Forbes just released its annual list of the one hundred most powerful women in the world. On it are the usual politicians and CEO's. A few activist billionaires and influential celebrities made the cut as well. But this year a new breed of power is moving up through the ranks.

That includes next-generation entrepreneurs, technologists and women whose main job is to give back. For example author JK Rowling comes in at number 93. She is the first author to make more than a billion dollars thanks to her seven part Harry Potter series. Number 90 is Sara Blakely who developed Spanx out of her home. Now few women, most of the ones on this list included can go without the figure enhancing undergarment.  read more »

A Political Diet Plan


It’s the battle of the bulge; and it’s getting personal.

Shortly after settling into the white house first lady Michelle Obama decided to whip child hood obesity into shape. Since then other cities have stepped up to minimize American waistlines. And in South Carolina that effort has gone right to the fully stocked refrigerator of the governor’s mansion.

South Carolina state senators have inserted a clause in the 2013 budget that would prevent the office of governor Nikki Haley and the governor’s mansion from buying any junk food with public money. Even if that food is for employee treats, celebrations or entertaining.  read more »