michael fertik

Personal Attacks


Cyber space is a black hole of information; but that doesn't mean you have to lose yours.

Michael Fertik is CEO and Founder of reputation.com. A company that offers ways to protect your personal information. Fertik says there are over 100 databases that follow you while you surf the web and pull your information. Add to that people who want to ruin your reputation and there could be all kinds of negative reviews floating around. Reputation.com helps you manage that online information. Fertik says you can't afford to ignore people attacking your livelihood and your dignity.

“People make decisions based on what they find, they look all the time and they make snap judgments and it’s up to you to make sure they see the right thing.”  read more »

Your Online Reputation


When it comes to the internet; ruining your reputation is just one click away.

Reputation.com is a company that protects your name online. It offers a variety of programs that manages your personal information, let you choose the type of mail you receive and blocks ad networks from collecting your data while you surf the web. I talked to CEO and founder Michael Fertik who says every time people go online every private detail immediately becomes available.

“I saw this as a big problem, a problem that we didn't sign up for when we created the internet or signed on to the internet, a problem that was getting bigger and a problem that existed in technology and in law.”

Fertik says he is proud to be the only tech company that really has your back.  read more »

Free Speech


The first amendment might not be so protective; and that could work in your favor.

California based reputation.com is a company that manages your online reputation. Whether that includes personal information, bad reviews or rumors being spread by people scorned. And if they try to hide under the umbrella of free speech reputation.com founder Michael Fertik says that umbrella won't cover much. Fertik says the first amendment does not protect libel. So if someone is trying to smear your good name Fertik's company will clear it up. Sometimes it's as simple as a business competitor trying to steal customers or false rumors impacting your job and personal life.  read more »