The Unappetizing Ingredient


McDonalds has done away with a key ingredient and the announcement is turning a few stomachs.

Earlier this week the golden arches revealed that it had stopped using ammonium hydroxide in the production of its hamburgers. According to MSNBC that same chemical is commonly used in fertilizers, household cleaners and homemade explosives.

A statement from McDonalds says the decision to discontinue the use of ammonia came in August of last year. It says this is part of an effort to align global standards for the sourcing of beef. And unfortunately for fast food lovers McDonalds might not be the only chain to use the chemical.  read more »

The McDonald's Makeover


The golden arches are getting a makeover.

For the first time in its 56 year history McDonald’s restaurants will undergo a major renovation. Their goal is to look more upscale, with the hopes that customers will stick around long after their burgers and fries have been demolished.

According to USA Today the new restaurants will have wooden tables, faux leather chairs and the interior will be painted in muted oranges, yellows and greens. The roofs will no longer be clown red, even the front door will be getting an upgrade. The company also plans to add flat screen TV’s and expand its drive-thrus.  read more »

A Fast Food Wedding


Looking for an unusual way to tie the knot? Look no further than the golden arches.

McDonalds has become a worldwide staple thanks to its fast and easy way to feed you. And now it’s doing the same for your wedding day. McDonald’s restaurants have added a new item to their menu, the mc-wedding and the idea is starting to cook. The company says the idea isn’t meant to be tacky but rather to fill a need in the fast paced society of Hong Kong. The company says McDonalds restaurants are a popular dating venue for younger couples. And the venue is a cheaper solution for a wedding.  read more »

Cutting Calories


The recent election has taken its toll on the golden arches and your next happy meal may not be so happy.

Earlier this week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a law that prevents fast food restaurants from giving away toys in unhealthy meals for children. The law will only allow toys to be given away in meals that have less than 600 calories, contain fruits and vegetables and offer drinks that aren’t overloaded with sugar.  read more »

The McItaly


A fast food giant is teaming up with the Italian government and the result isn’t sitting well with food lovers.  read more »