Build Your Own Burger


The golden arches are getting a little more personal.

Earlier this week McDonald’s announced that its sales around the world continue to drop. Now in order to keep its status as the world’s largest restaurant chain it’s serving up more options. Last year the company began testing a “build your own burger” concept in one southern California City. It allows customers to use a tablet to customize their burgers. Now the company is expanding the test run to more California restaurants.  read more »

Cheap Eating


Traveling for business means expenses are covered; but not everyone is taking advantage of the free perks.

According to the New York Times most company expense reports show that business travelers are forgoing fine dining for convenience. Instead of steak and wine they are going for burgers and fries.

The company SpendSmart analyzes spending in all areas of business travel. It found that the number one most expensed restaurant was Starbucks. That was followed by McDonald’s and Subway. Other restaurants that top the list include Panera bread, Chipotle and Dunkin Doughnuts.  read more »

Fast Food Protests


You might enjoy a quick and easy meal; but fast food is no longer sitting well with certain people.

Fed up with minimum wage and long hours workers at some of New York City’s biggest fast food chains stormed off the job and onto the picket line earlier this week. They are calling for the right to unionize and for an increase in minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour.

The workers from McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King chanted “supersize our wages” and tried to prevent customers from entering the restaurants. Hundreds of workers took part in New York’s rally and throughout the week they were joined by their colleagues who marched off the job in other cities.  read more »

Not So Golden Arches


You are what you eat; even if you try to hide it.

According to a Business Insider survey people are most ashamed to be seen carrying a McDonald’s bag. Of the 1,000 people surveyed 42% are embarrassed by the golden arches. Most people would rather carry a subway bag; with Wendy’s and Taco Bell coming in somewhere in the middle.

Most of the people surveyed said while they might enjoy McDonald’s they would rather people not know about their indulgence. But the public shame is the least of the company's problems. The last quarter sales dropped 1% worldwide and McDonald’s is now trimming its 145 item menu.  read more »

Hacking Into Fast Food

burger king.jpg

The battle of the burger joint has gone viral.

On Monday Burger King’s official twitter account was hacked into and changed to look like McDonald’s. The hackers changed the king’s profile image to a photo of the golden arches. They also changed the description of the account to claim Burger King “just got sold to McDonald’s because the whopper flopped." But the fun didn’t end there.

The people responsible for the hack also sent out a number of vulgar tweets before the head honchos at Burger King could freeze the account. And through it all McDonald’s claimed its innocence. Shortly after the incident McDonald’s tweeted that it empathizes with Burger King and that it had nothing to do with the hacking.  read more »

Not So Fresh


Fast food menus are designed to entice you; but one word could end up turning your stomach.

The word “fresh” used to conjure up images of good for you ingredients but thanks to quick and easy restaurants “fresh” means anything but. According to a Yahoo News blog when people see the word fresh on a menu they think it means unprocessed or healthy; a perception that restaurants are using to their advantage.  read more »

A High Tech Crime Scene


Thieves down under are getting more than they bargained for from their local McDonald’s.

In an effort to stop a rash of fast food robberies in Sydney, McDonald’s has hired a British security firm to install a new system in its restaurants. It's already in place in 13 McDonald’s restaurants in Australia.

It works by spraying a non-toxic solution with DNA code on thieves as they head out the door. The company says the spray contains a UV tracer and a unique DNA code that links robbers to the crime scene.

When police have the suspect they can see the spray using a UV torch. The solution is harmless and too small to be seen so thieves won’t know they've been hit with it.  read more »

A Happy Stomach


Does your nine to five have you feeling a little empty?

Recently McDonalds’ launched an ad campaign with the catch phrase “It’s your lunch, take it.” And the golden arches might be on the right track. While there are no national statistics on how many working Americans skip lunch; a number of small studies show that most people are working with hunger pains.  read more »

A Fast Food Makeover


If a picture is worth a thousand words; you better make sure it’s saying the right thing.

Ever noticed that your favorite fast food burger looks a lot better on your television than it does on your plate? Recently one customer frustrated with the false advertising asked McDonald’s Canada what the secret was. So the director of marketing for the golden arches decided to let customers in on the secret.  read more »

Fast Summer Food


Fast food restaurants are rolling out their summer specials; and they’re pulling out all the ingredients.

You might find a few extra options the next time you’re in your favorite drive thru. For example; need an after dinner treat? Consider Burger King’s limited edition bacon sundae. At 510 calories it contains vanilla soft serve topped with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a slice of bacon. A treat similar to Jack in the Box’s bacon milkshake which debuted in February.

The king’s summer menu will also include a pulled pork barbecue sandwich, sweet potato fries and frozen lemonade. These could also be an answer to the recently released Doritos taco from Taco Bell.  read more »