Fast Food Fashion


Can't get enough of your favorite fast food? Try wearing it.

Thanks to a new partnership with Uber Eats, McDonald’s is now offering a delivery service at more than 3,500 locations around the country. Now along with your burger and fries customers can also get items that include an adult size big mac onesie and hamburger pillowcases.

Called the McDelivery Collections it's described as a selection of fun, fashion forward items you can use or wear whenever and wherever you order. Other items of attire up for grabs include french fry themed sweat suits and sandals and picnic blankets dotted with popular menu items. The fast food giant kicked off the new line by offering the items free to whoever ordered food from the delivery service for one day only and while supplies last.  read more »

McDonald's Goes Mobile


After a lengthy testing phase McDonald’s is finally ready to serve up a new type of menu.

The golden arches has announced that this month will be the roll out of its long awaited U.S. mobile ordering app. The company says the delay is from extended testing to avoid the types of problems that chains such as Starbucks faced. In that case the app was so popular that it created a huge backlog of orders and impatient customers were leaving without handing over any money.  read more »

Secret Sauce


McDonald’s secret sauce is no longer such a secret.

For the first time, the golden arches is making bottles of its famous big mac sauce available in the U.S. Starting just a couple of days ago the fast food chain began offering up ten thousand bottles of the sauce at its restaurants and its social media pages.  read more »

Olympic Sized Appetites


For Olympians competing in Rio, it looks like Disneyland might not be their first stop following the medal podium.

After competing in this year’s summer games most athletes, win or lose are going straight to McDonald’s for a little pick me up. And for them it's worth it. Since the games began the fast food giant has been feeding athletes in the Olympic village for free. When that led to long lines and a food shortage the company cut back, allowing only 20 items of food per person. If you wanted to order more you had to wait longer.  read more »

Fast Food Sales


Fast food giants are gaining on their competitors, as customers start to forgo their growing bottom for their bottom line.

In the first quarter of the year McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s all posted an increase in sales with McDonalds posting the highest rise with 5.4%. This comes after all three of the restaurants repeatedly lost to businesses that offered healthier options such as Chipotle and Panera Bread.  read more »

Fast Food Human Element

McD logo-thumb-800x480.jpg

While some fast food companies are going high tech, one company is sticking with a familiar recipe.

Despite reports that other fast food chains are switching out workers for kiosks, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook says the golden arches has no plans to do the same. He says even though it can be argued that switching to machines where customers can order and pay from might save money there are other ways to cut back.

He says McDonalds will look at automating more of the food preparation process to give employees more time to interact with guests and boost customer service. Easterbrook says they are competing with numerous other companies that provide a chance for people to eat out but he wants to make sure McDonald’s provides a human element to the experience.  read more »

The Golden Arches


In an effort to get a few more people through its golden arches, McDonald's is making a few changes.

The fast food giant is testing out a grand mac and a mac junior to accompany its staple item the big mac. In comparison the grand mac has a third of a pound more beef, an extra slice of cheese and a larger bun, the mac junior is a single patty burger designed to be eaten on the go.

Right now McDonald’s is testing out the new burgers at restaurants throughout central Ohio, and the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas. Analysts say this is a good sign for McDonald's. They say the company's willingness to make changes to a long time menu item is a sign of flexibility. And the burgers aren't the only thing McDonald's is testing out.  read more »

The Dollar Menu


While your next quick meal might save you time; its effect on your wallet could be a different story.

A few years ago fast food companies rolled out dollar menus in an effort to increase traffic in their restaurants. Now they're easing away from the cheaper items hoping to help customers rack up a higher bill. So instead of the dollar menu, McDonalds now has the dollar menu and more. And Wendy’s is rolling out the right price right size menu where items cost anywhere from one to five dollars.

Other tactics include making the cheaper items so small that customers decide to order more than one. Or only offering a burger and fries so the customer then has to purchase a drink which also drives up the price.  read more »

McDonald's New Mascot


McDonald’s new “happy meal” mascot is leaving people a little un-happy.

The golden arches says the newest member of its team is designed to appeal to its youngest customers. Called “happy” the new mascot is an animated red happy meal box with a large mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth. McDonald’s says it will encourage kids to eat and enjoy healthy food choices such as fruit, vegetables and low fat dairy.

This comes after the fast food giant started introducing things like apple slices and milk to its happy meal and mighty kids meals. This summer it plans to include low fat strawberry yogurt as a healthier option.  read more »

Ronald McDonald


Taco Bell is launching a new ad campaign; with someone else's mascot.

The fast food version of a taco stand expanded its business plan this past week by opening early and serving up breakfast. And to help kick things off the new items come with a side of commercials; starring none other than Ronald McDonald.

If that name sounds familiar it's because since 1963 Ronald has been the official mascot and the face of McDonald’s. But Taco Bell's commercials have a twist. They don't specifically feature the red and yellow wearing clown; instead the stars of the ads are men with the name Ronald McDonald.  read more »