Barbie's New Look


Barbie is flaunting her new makeover and retailers are hoping to cash in.

Last month Mattel unveiled its line of Fashionista Barbie’s which featured dolls with a couple extra pounds, curves and different skin tones. Now as the dolls are making their way onto store shelves those major retailers are announcing specific campaigns to highlight their new features.

For example Target plans to outfit the dolls in mini versions of its Target brand swimsuits. Toys R' Us says it loves the dolls because now more young girls can relate to them, and is planning a campaign around the new Barbie but has yet to specify what that might be.  read more »

Hello Barbie


Despite her un-natural waistline Barbie is getting a lot more lifelike.

Mattel has teamed up with San Francisco based startup Toy Talk to create a Wi-Fi connected Barbie. The doll is able to have two way conversations, play interactive games, tell stories and joke around. According to Newsweek the prototype is called “Hello Barbie” and was unveiled at the New York toy fair on Valentine’s Day. It is expected to hit the market later this year and retail for $75.  read more »

Bad Dolls


While the world keeps a close eye on terrorist threats in Russia, Russia says it has a threat of its own; dolls.

The Ural Parents Committee based in central Russia says a new line of dolls from Mattel is a threat to national security. They're called Monster High dolls and they feature characters such as Frankie Stein and Dracu Laura. The dolls are made to look a bit ghoulish they are after all monsters, and the group says that's the problem.

The committee's president says if children start playing with death, she gets mesmerized with the idea of it. He says one girl started wearing a black dress and crying when her mom tried to take the doll away from her.  read more »

Bad Girl Barbie


There’s a new Barbie on the market and she’s got a bad reputation.

The latest collector’s edition Barbie doll features pink hair and tattoos across her shoulders and neck. Mattel says the doll is designed to be edgy and was meant for adult collectors. But members of the younger crowd want to get their hands on the hard core Barbie and parents are not pleased.

Some say the doll is teaching children to want tattoos before they are old enough to dress themselves. Others say Mattel is known for holding up Barbie as an iconic example for girls but the latest design doesn’t fall into that category.  read more »

Cookies, Candy and Toys No Longer Recession-Proof

Girl Scount cookies.jpg

Now We Really Are In Trouble.

Every day you hear about home and stock prices falling still further. Jobs are vanishing as fast as your retirement money. In California, and most other states, you will be paying even higher taxes for far fewer services.

But 3 different business news reports out today prove just how dramatically Wall Street’s decline is changing traditional buying habits on Main Street.  read more »