The M Club Lounge


The Marriott is checking into a whole new type of experience.

Last week Marriott hotels debuted it's M Club Lounge at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront. General Manager Clif Clark says the company is transforming itself. He says with the in-put of its customers Marriott was able to put together a place that combines the comfort of travel with the need to stay well connected.

At just over two thousand square feet the M Club Lounge is open 24 hours a day and is fully staffed during prime hours of operation. There's a breakfast buffet and an evening bar with complimentary appetizers and dessert. And since business hours vary all over the world the m club provides travelers with round the clock high speed internet, Wi-Fi printing and an iPad library.  read more »

A Warzone Vacation


Planning your next vacation; consider the sand covered dunes of Iraq.

As U.S. troops move out of Iraq some major hotel chains are moving in. According to USA Today hotels such as Best Western, Hilton and Marriott are breaking ground in the northern part of the country.

Hotel executives say they see opportunity in the area because of its oil and gas reserves. They say the recent opening of an airport and the removal of Saddam Hussein has increased interest in the country. Plus the landscape and archeological ruins landed Iraq a spot on National Geographic’s list of the twenty best trips of 2011. But not everyone will be reserving a room.  read more »