Till Debt Do You Part


You may have promised to forsake all others but what about forsaking your finances.

According to an online poll three in ten Americans commit financial infidelity by lying to their spouses about money. The poll of about two thousand people showed thirty one percent of couples who had combined their cash weren’t up front about hidden bank accounts, cash and debt.  read more »

The Laws That Bind

marriage law.jpg

About to pop the question? You better brush up on your rules and regulations.

Your wedding day is an expensive celebration to a long road of commitment. And each state has different laws to make your union legal. Laws you should learn before your “till death do us part” becomes null and void. To help get you to the altar, women’s day magazine put together a list of some of the more bizarre marriage laws upheld in various states. Laws that you might not even consider while down on one knee.  read more »

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A Divorce Fair


An increasing number of Italian couples are calling it quits and now there’s an event catering to the soon to be single.

Earlier this week Italy held its first divorce fair aimed at helping divorced couples start a new and happy life. Franco Zanetti is the organizer of the fair says smiling and acceptance are key factors to the fair which also offers serious, practical advice for what can often be a dramatic situation. Fair goers can find a little help in areas like planning the divorce, anti-stalking help, financial advice and tips for creating your newly single look.  read more »

Registering For Divorce


It's not uncommon to register for everything you need to start a life together. But a new business venture will allow you to register for your life apart.

British department store Debenhams has created a gift list for anyone going through a divorce. According to the Office for National Statistics 45% of British marriages will end in divorce and Debenhams will make sure you're ready if I do becomes I don't.  read more »