mark thompson

Launching Your Own Business


Think you need help launching the next big thing. Maybe you already have everything you need.

Mark Thompson is a bestselling author and senior executive coach. He works with executive leaders to grow their business, grow themselves and be able to drive change in their organizations. He says one of the biggest mistakes people ready to strike out on their own make is hiring a consultant.  read more »

Starting Out


Ready to start your own business; you’re going to have to get a little personal.

Mark Thompson is a successful Silicon Valley venture capitalist and bestselling author. He is also working with Richard Branson and Virgin Unite to promote successful individual achievement. I recently spoke with Thompson about the challenge of building your own business and why it’s worth it.

“The motivation is legacy the motivation is having an impact that lasts I think people are tired of being in a place where their looking at somebody else’s vision or perhaps not fulfilling their own vision and having an impact on the world and having a sense of purpose and a passion.”  read more »

Virgin Unite


Striking out on your own? Time to screw business as usual.

That’s the idea behind Virgin Unite; a foundation run by Richard Branson that connects people with entrepreneurial ideas. Recently I spoke with Mark Thompson; a successful silicon valley venture capitalist helping Virgin Unite promote entrepreneurship.

“Everybody knows that when you strike out on your own you need help, you need support and you need inspiration to do what you believe not what someone else tells you or what’s published in a book somewhere you really want to be in a place where you can do good and do well at the same time.”

Thompson says Virgin Unite wants to help people develop their ideas in a way that benefit themselves and the community.  read more »