Mafia Wars


Sometimes a day at the beach; isn’t such a day at the beach.

For two years alleged mafia boss Roberto Matalone has evaded police and a prison cell. But a recent desire for some sunlight proved to be his undoing. Last week the 35-year-old Mafioso headed to a beach in southern Italy dressed in shorts and a baseball cap. But no sooner had he raised his umbrella police officers swarmed the beach and arrested him.

Matalone is accused of being part of the inner circle of the Pesce clan; one of the most powerful and notorious branches of the Calabria mob. This arrest is the latest in a crackdown against the Italian mafia which police say controls about 80% of drug trafficking into Europe. An illegal business worth 27 billion euros a year.  read more »

A Deathbed Donation


Many people make death bed confessions, particularly if you’ve led a life of crime, but not too many make death bed donations.  read more »