made in america

Make It In America


Made in America is getting a makeover.

I recently attended the third annual “Make it in America” exhibit in the San Francisco bay area. While there I spoke with house democratic whip Steny Hoyer. He says a product that reads “Made in America” is not good enough.

“What we really want to focus on is making it in America today and tomorrow. To make sure that we create an environment which manufactures products in America and the jobs that they create to do so are encouraged, assisted, given incentives.”  read more »

The Best in the World


These days America might not be making a lot; but it is making the best.

In 2010 China exceeded the U.S. in terms of revenue generated by produced goods. But as the country climbs out of the recession more items are being home grown; and what we lack in quantity we make up in quality.

In order to restore bragging power MSN Money has put together a list of ten things America makes better than anyone in the world. Number ten on the list is motorcycles. Sine 1903 people have been riding Harley Davidson bikes. One of a handful of U.S. motorcycle manufacturers to survive the recession Harley brings in about $1.4 billion a year.  read more »