A Side Hustle


Looking to make some extra cash; better make sure it's worth your time.

Companies such as Airbnb, Lyft and Uber allow anyone who passes a little background check to make money on the side; but how much are people really pulling in? To help you determine whether or not you should pick up a side job the online lender Earnest crunched some numbers to see which companies were profitable.  read more »

Uber's Challenges


Ride sharing company Uber is looking for a new driver, but it won't be an easy road.

Recently Uber has been plagued by controversy leading up to the resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick. Now the search is on for someone to take over but industry experts say they are facing three major hurdles.

First, profit and culture. Research director Michael Ramsey says a company's founder helps bring a business to life and an outside person will now have to bring their own ideas when it comes to daily business and making a profit.

The next CEO also needs to improve Uber's relationship with riders and drivers. Drivers feel like they are underpaid and left in the dark about company policy. While riders need to be assured that recent problems won't put the brakes on service.  read more »

Lyft's Charity Program


Want to give back? Just hitch a ride with Lyft.

In a couple of weeks the ride sharing company Lyft is launching its “round up and donate” program. Using the slogan “take a seat to take a stand” Lyft will automatically round your fare to the nearest whole dollar and donate the difference to a charity.

The company says you can opt in to the program through the app with a one-time tap. Then every time you book a ride, the amount will automatically be rounded up to the next dollar. And while a quarter here or thirty cents there doesn't sound like a lot of money the company says it all adds up.  read more »

Lyft's New Look


The ride sharing company Lyft is going for the clean shaven look.

When Uber's number one competitor launched passengers were able to see it coming thanks to the giant, pink, fuzzy mustache attached to the front of cars. Slowly that was edged out for a light up dash accessory dubbed the “glowstache.” Now the company is ditching the facial hair for something a little more high tech.  read more »

A Ride Sharing Lease


Looking to jump into the ride sharing business? How about a new ride to sweeten the deal?

Are you thinking about becoming an Uber driver but don't have a car? Or are you an existing Uber driver tried of strangers messing up your personal vehicle? General Motors might have a way to help.

The company is pairing up with Uber to provide better lease deals for drivers that use the car for ride sharing. The 90 day pilot program is being launched in the San Francisco bay area and will offer the Chevy Cruz, Malibu and Trax at a cost of $179 per week. Plus tax and insurance is included and there are no mileage restrictions.  read more »

Uber's Price Drop


Uber is cutting its fares for passengers; but not everyone is along for the ride.

On January 28th Uber cut fares in New York by 15%. Since then the company says demand for rides has increased over 50%. And the rise in numbers is happening all over the city with more people taking advantage of the lower prices and either trying the ride sharing program out for the first time or using it more often.

And it's not just New York that has more people booking a ride. While not releasing specific numbers Uber says since the fare cut business is up in cities all over the country. But despite the boost drivers say it’s hurting their bottom line.  read more »

Hitching a Ride

blah blah.png

A European ridesharing company is picking up speed and its customers are also part of its business plan.

Blah Blah car is based in Paris and in operation all across Europe. It works by linking drivers with empty seats with passengers who need a ride. Co-founder Nicolas Brusson says 80% of people travel by car in Europe and most of them have plenty of room.

“What we end up doing by offering those empty seats in cars to passengers going the same way, we actually tap into what's probably the biggest wasted inventory of passenger seats.”  read more »

Global Ride Sharing


Ride sharing is going global by staying local.

Uber and its Silicon Valley competitors have turned the car or cab for hire business upside down. Download their app, give them secure credit card information, get picked up and in minutes off you go. But this transformational technology has fueled complaints and a few riots from traditional cab drivers who feel these new services are unsafe, unfair and even illegal.

Still, companies such as Uber have gone global with billions of investment dollars. Now a French startup has come up with its own unique ride sharing service. According to Tech Crunch, Blabla Car has just raised $100 million.  read more »

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