The City of Love


Did Valentine’s Day leave you a little lonely? Maybe you're looking for love in the wrong place.

The real estate site Zillow is taking a cue from cupid and putting singles on the path to happily ever after. To help them find their way Zillow examined the biggest metro cities in the country. It looked at places with a large number of singles that have a high income after rent; and cities with a bustling social scene. Cities also had to offer affordable housing a population over 750,000.

Number ten on the list is Philadelphia. 53.8% of the population is single with a disposable income of more than $18,000 a year. And there are plenty of places to spend that money. Zillow says Philadelphia has 14 date spots such as bars and restaurants per 10,000 people.  read more »

Looking for Love


If Valentine’s Day left you a little lonely; then turn to your favorite handheld device.

There are two new apps on the market designed to make your search for love a little easier. Released in just the past few months both apps rely on Facebook for their matchmaking capabilities.

The first one; Tinder pulls photos from its member’s Facebook profiles. Anyone looking for a date can then flip through the photos of people nearby to see if anyone sparks their interest. If there’s a mutual attraction the app connects them for a conversation. If not, their feelings remain anonymous protecting user from potential heartbreak.  read more »

Romance for Hire


After years of monopolizing the market; Cupid is facing some competition.

25-year-old Brenndon Knox was unemployed and living in New York when he spotted an ad on Craigslist. It was from a young couple who had been dating for a few weeks and was looking for someone to help them turn it into lasting love.

So Knox applied and now he arranges their dates, manages their schedules and reminds them to respond to each other’s text messages. One of his first tasks was to find some time for the two to spend together. So he cleared a half hour block in their daily schedules and sent them to tour the aisles at their local Whole Foods.  read more »