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New Year's Resolutions


It's the first weekend of 2017, so what are your resolutions for a better year?

Every year you make yourself a couple promises and if you're like most people, every year you break them. So how about putting in some real effort for the next twelve months? To help you along the way the blog “Care 2 Healthy Living” has a list of the worst resolutions people make and how you can actually try sticking to them.

For example, getting your finances in order. This will take a little work because you need to figure out your long and short term goals, track your debt, spending and income and stick to a budget. If you're truly serious about it experts say you should bring in an accountant, or financial planner to keep you on pace.  read more »

Weight Loss Shame

carrot fit.jpg

If your latest diet plan isn’t working, maybe a little tough love will do the trick.

Carrot Fit is a new app for the iPhone that is designed to help you lose weight with shame, sarcasm and embarrassment. Like most weight loss apps you input your weight, fitness goals and foods you eat. When the pounds start to come off the app praises you. But if you slip up it makes sure you are well aware of your weakness.

The app features a female voice that will insult you if you don't meet your goals. With comments like “way to go meat bag” or “you are starting to affect the earth's orbit” the app is meant to shame you into getting motivated.  read more »

On The Job Weight Gain


Is your 9 to 5 weighing you down? It might not be your work load.

Recently careerbuilder.com surveyed 3,000 workers in a variety of jobs. It found that 39% of them have recently gained weight; and for a variety of reasons all of them blame work.

According to workers one of the top things to blame is the freebie table. Every office has one. It’s the place where treats and leftovers are placed for people to polish off. And in most cases they don’t follow a healthy diet plan. Then there are stress levels; when the pressure gets to you the stress hormone cortisol triggers sugar cravings and it stores fat around the midsection.  read more »

Fit Body Franchise


Breaking into the world of business? Consider a little back-up.

Nicholas Frank is owner of Fit Body Boot Camp Dublin in the San Francisco bay area. Before joining the Fit Body franchise Frank was a personal trainer working for himself.

“The money was good but I could only help so many people I decided to go with Fit Body Boot Camp because they really care about the owners, they really help you succeed.”

Being part of a franchise means having a team of people behind you. They help with marketing, provide supplies and keep you motivated. Frank says the best part is not worrying about the business side and focusing on the industry he loves.

“I want to help people, I want to help people who don't think they can do it believe they can do it. That's what I love.”  read more »

Your Weight in Gold


Dubai has a new diet plan; and it's worth your weight in gold.

To coincide with the holy month of Ramadan Dubai’s government is launching a 30 day weight loss challenge. During Ramadan people refrain from eating and drinking in the daytime hours. But when the sun sets people stuff their faces with traditional dishes loaded with fat and sugar.

So in order to counteract the calorie intake Dubai officials are offering people one gram of gold for every kilogram of weight they lose. In today's market that is about $42 for every 2.2 pounds dropped.

To participate people need to be overweight and willing to lose at least two kilograms. But they have to drop the pounds in a healthy manner and need to show up for a weigh in on the last day of the contest.  read more »

A Plus Size Gym


There’s a new gym in town; but only for the plus size.

Downsize Fitness health clubs have just one rule; you can only apply if you are at least fifty pounds overweight. Started by a hedge fund manager who wanted to lose weight the clubs feature equipment designed for heavier people and personal trainers used to working with overweight people. They also offer group classes such as Pilates, yoga and boot camp.

The owner says the inspiration for the gym came from the TV show “The Biggest Loser.” He says overweight people feel like they’re on display at the gym. But at Downsize Fitness he says they can tackle their goals in a comfortable environment.  read more »

Your Gym's Dirty Secrets


The secret to getting in shape; isn’t just good for your waistline.

The summer season is winding down but resolution time is right around the corner. And if you’re thinking about becoming a member of your local gym there are a few dirty little secrets you should know.

For example; while you fight to drop a few pounds your gym is fighting to keep you. Summer is one of the best times to milk your membership. Since most places are required to meet monthly quotas they would rather offer you extras then risk losing your business. Take advantage of this by asking them to match better deals from their competitors. Or find out what they’re offering new members and ask to receive the same perks. This could score you free training or a free month.  read more »

A Financial Incentive


When the ball dropped on the 31st, most people resolved to lost weight or save money. Why not both?

Hana Bank in South Korea has a new account that can help with two of the hardest habits for people to stick to; slimming down while bulking up your bank account. The program is called “S-line,” a Korean word that means an hourglass figure. The desired shape of most people. Once you sign up for the account you hit the gym. The more calories you burn the higher interest rate the bank will give you. If a customer loses more than 5% of their weight within the year, or holds a gym membership the bank will grant special rates.

So far the high interest savings accounts have brought in about $400 million from 50,000 customers.  read more »