losing a cat

Tributes for Mikey


As you may know from reading my blog below, our furry friend Mikey passed late last week. In the hope that writing about his life would ease the pain of his death, I posted a memorial on my web site.

The response has been overwhelming. I never knew so many people shared the passion and pain of caring for animals. So I’ve decided to post some of the responses, in part to keep his memory alive, but more important, to share the message that caring for animals can highlight the best of our humanity.

These are samples from family, friends and comments on my web site:

“I'm like you, never understood what it could mean. With me, Sophie
is the first pet I really have loved and just the thought of losing her hurts.
So my heart goes out to you and Jennifer.” (Ronn)  read more »

We Lost Mikey Today

mikey best.jpg

During my early years working at KTVU Channel Two News in the San Francisco Bay Area, I often found newsroom staff members so overcome with grief over the loss of a loved one that they were unable to come to work for days after the passing. I certainly understood. It was after all a tragedy to lose someone so close.

But when I found it was the family cat or dog that had died, and not a human family member or close friend, I became irritated. How could our best cameraman, Don McCuaig, not show up because his black lab passed unexpectedly? But that cold and caustic attitude quickly changed when we welcomed animals into our own home.  read more »