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Landing a Job


Hoping to ace your next job interview? Get a little creative.

The job interview is your first and often last time to make a good face to face impression with the person who could sign your next paycheck. And in order to guarantee a desk with your name on it, most people play it safe when it comes to the big day. But safe might not always be the best way to go.

So to find out other ways people have landed a job, business insider has a list of the craziest things people have said that worked in their favor. For example the walkout.  read more »

Protecting the Innocent


If you’re looking for work in a risky industry, Britain is making it hard for you to find out about any potential openings.

A new ban is in effect in Britain for the sex industry. Employers looking to hire lap dancers, strippers or web cam performers can no longer advertise at employment offices. A similar ban had been in place seven years ago but was overturned when the high court agreed with a lingerie retailer that the ban was unlawful. But the government disagrees and is determined to protect the more vulnerable jobseekers from being swayed by the lucrative sex industry.  read more »