london olympics

Team USA


At next year's winter Olympics team USA is taking on a whole new meaning.

Since 2008 the company Ralph Lauren has designed and produced the clothes worn by Team USA at the Olympic games. That includes what they wear for opening and closing ceremonies and around the Olympic village.

But during the 2012 summer Olympics in London it became widely known that much of team USA's gear was actually made in China. Not a good look when you're competing on a world stage and your clothes are playing for the other team. But after being ridiculed by the media, politicians and Olympic fans it seems the company got the message.  read more »

Olympic Bankruptcy


For many Olympic athletes a golden finish doesn’t mean financial freedom.

As this weekend’s closing ceremonies bring the summer games to an end some athletes are going home with the biggest prize in sports; an Olympic gold medal. But for the few that aren’t Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt or Missy Franklin it’s just another award. And it’s an award that can cost.

One of the most popular events for Olympic fans is track and field. And according to the Track and Field Athletes Association half of the athletes that rank in the top ten nationally make less than $15,000 a year from the sport. Not much when you factor in costs such as equipment and coaches and travel.  read more »

London Strikes Gold


Athletes aren’t the only ones scoring big at the London Olympics.

This weekend the Olympic flame will be extinguished and the 2012 summer Olympics wrapped up. But as the world’s greatest athletes and their biggest fans head home they leave behind a much appreciated parting gift to the British economy.

Despite recent reports that the Olympic crowds are keeping people away from the capitol city London media say stories it has become a ghost town are just ghost stories. According to the United Kingdom Telegraph London’s mayor Boris Johnson is reporting an increase in both tourism and shopping.  read more »

Olympic Prostitution


The London Olympics are expected to boost the country’s economy by about $20 billion; but not everyone is cashing in.

Over the past 18 months police in east London, home of the Olympic stadium, have closed about 80 brothels. This has forced many of the women to hit the corner; something advocates say is not safe for them. And the new location won’t last long either.

While prostitution is legal in Britain, keeping a brothel or working the street is not. The police are denying that the raids are directly connected to the Olympics but are in response to community complaints. However a statement on the London mayor’s website says he is determined to crack down on prostitution in the months leading up to the games.  read more »