Police Dog Pension


Every day they put their lives on the line for the protection of the public; and their paycheck is nothing more than a pat on the head.

Police dogs protect and serve all over the world. They sniff out drugs, run down the bad guy and in some cases make the ultimate sacrifice for their human counterparts. Now one man says they deserve more for their efforts than a bowl of kibble. And he thinks it should come in the form of financial security.

Paddy Tipping is a crime commissioner in the English county of Nottinghamshire. He wants to reward the county’s police dogs with pensions on retirement. Tipping says right now the dog’s handlers take them in once they retire from the force. That includes paying all the bills related to the dog’s care.  read more »

Team USA


At next year's winter Olympics team USA is taking on a whole new meaning.

Since 2008 the company Ralph Lauren has designed and produced the clothes worn by Team USA at the Olympic games. That includes what they wear for opening and closing ceremonies and around the Olympic village.

But during the 2012 summer Olympics in London it became widely known that much of team USA's gear was actually made in China. Not a good look when you're competing on a world stage and your clothes are playing for the other team. But after being ridiculed by the media, politicians and Olympic fans it seems the company got the message.  read more »

Burning Hot Business


A new building is heating up the London skyline; and everything on the street below.

The 37 story tower is being blamed for warping the wing mirror, panels and badge on a Jaguar car parked near it. But that's not all. The sun reflecting off the building is also damaging the paint on buildings across the street and searing burns into the carpet. To further prove the point a television news crew used the sun beam shining from the building's wall to fry an egg.

Now three parking spots across from the building are blocked off to prevent any further meltdowns. And the developers have built a temporary scaffolding to block the sun until they come up with a permanent fix.  read more »

London Strikes Gold


Athletes aren’t the only ones scoring big at the London Olympics.

This weekend the Olympic flame will be extinguished and the 2012 summer Olympics wrapped up. But as the world’s greatest athletes and their biggest fans head home they leave behind a much appreciated parting gift to the British economy.

Despite recent reports that the Olympic crowds are keeping people away from the capitol city London media say stories it has become a ghost town are just ghost stories. According to the United Kingdom Telegraph London’s mayor Boris Johnson is reporting an increase in both tourism and shopping.  read more »

A Gold Medal Market


We’re still months away from this summer’s Olympic Games; but the competition for prime British real estate is well underway.

Right now London homeowners are increasing the price of rent by up to six times to meet demand from the estimated eleven million sports fans, media and corporate clients that will be swarming to the country. And they better be prepared to pay up.

A seven bedroom house in downtown London will set a British record if someone actually moves in. The house which has the floor space of three and a half tennis courts is listed at $702,000 a month. If seven bedrooms are a bit too much; consider a six bedroom apartment located near Harrods’s department store. It can be rented for just over $158,000 a week.  read more »

Taxi Cab Confessions


While traveling you want the cheapest flight and the best price on a hotel room. But what about getting a good deal on a cab driver?

In case you’re wondering where to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to being transported around you next destination, a new survey has some answers. The website hotels dot com polled more than nineteen hundred people who traveled in May of this year.  read more »

Unmanned Aircraft


London’s Ministery of Defence is going stealth at the rate of over $200 million a pop.

Earlier this week the Ministery unveiled Raranis. An unmanned jet capable of striking long range targets. The jet, named for the Celtic God of Thunder is now being called the combat aircraft of the future. The prototype is the size of a light aircraft and is virtually undetectable. The press release reports that the jet was designed to carry out intelligence, surveillance and recon missions while the crew remains safely on the ground and out of site.  read more »

A Royal Spread


The memory of the late Princess Diana has been preserved through her children and her charity work. And now she's being preserved as a preserve.

Sam Bompas is founder of the London based catering company Bompas and Parr. And he has a new product for your next event. Bompas is selling five pound jars of "occult jam" at London's Barbican Art Gallery and the $8 jars of jam contain the hair of Princess Diana.

Bompas says the spread is made by infusing a tiny piece of the Princess's hair with gin. That is then combined with milk and sugar to create a product that tastes like condensed milk. Bombas says he bought the hair on Ebay for $10 from a U.S. dealer who collects celebrity hair and sells it in extremely tiny parts.  read more »