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The Big Game


It's been a week of crowds, concerts and super fans; and now it's finally time for the big game.

The countdown to Super Bowl 50 has brought an estimated one million people to the San Francisco Bay Area. And while locals weren't exactly happy with the street closures and extra foot traffic everyone involved is calling the event a success.

Officials with the host city San Francisco say the city has practiced for this with previous events including the America’s cup and Giants’ victory parades. They say this is a sign that the bay area can handle one of the world's biggest games and they hope that the NFL will return sooner rather than later.  read more »



The home of Super Bowl 50 is getting ready to receive thousands of fans and each one will be well connected.

Jed York is president of the San Francisco 49ers and while his team might not be making the big game, their home field is playing host. At the tech summit in Dublin, Ireland I spoke to York about another company he is chairman of, VenueNext. The company that uses technology to tie isolated systems together so your guests are connected to everything the venue has to offer.

“We started at Levi’s stadium building out the infrastructure, so the Wi-Fi and the data systems to make sure that little things worked so you can connect to social media, you can get text messages.”  read more »

Super Bowl 50

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The super bowl is coming to the bay area, and the home team has been working on a game plan for more than a year.

In February Super Bowl 50 will be played in Santa Clara at the home of the San Francisco 49ers. Keith Bruce is CEO and president of the Super Bowl 50 host committee. He says the super bowl is the single largest sporting event in the world and the teams playing in it aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure.

“The amount of work that the host committee has to produce and create to be ready for Super Bowl 50, to be ready for that week, to be ready for that game day is massive.”

Bruce says the committee is responsible for everything from fundraising to where the teams will stay to public safety.  read more »