legalized marijuana

The Marijuana Show


There's a new show in town; and it's looking for people with high aspirations.

The creators of a new reality show are hoping to cash in on the legal marijuana industry in Colorado. It's called “The Marijuana Show” and is being pitched as a cross between “Shark Tank” and “The Apprentice.”

A week ago about 200 people turned up in Denver to pitch their ideas for a marijuana related business. Those range from pot themed movies to a flower business where marijuana is part of the designs. The creator of the show says she is tired of marijuana being illegal.  read more »



Happy couples are saying “I do” to a new wedding trend; but chances are you aren’t one of them.

Right now Colorado and Washington are the only two states where recreational marijuana is legal. And bride and grooms are taking advantage of that to throw themselves a “weeding.” And according to the New York Times they’re getting pretty creative.

Marijuana leaves and buds have been showing up in the bride’s bouquet or the groom’s boutonniere. Pot brownies are now part of the desert menu and in some cases even infused into appetizers or drinks. And if you want to avoid the chance of someone accidentally ingesting a little pot consider a mini pot plant as a table setting or party favor.  read more »

The Stoner Bowl


It's Super Bowl weekend but for some people the match-up between the mile high and the evergreen state isn't just about football.

In 2012 Washington State and Colorado both voted to legalize recreational marijuana use. And now with the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks playing in the big game pot shops are cashing in.

Nate Johnson owns the Queen Anne Cannabis club in Seattle. He says since clinching the division demand for “beast mode” a strain of marijuana named for Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has skyrocketed. Another big seller is green and blue pot laced cupcakes. But dispensary owners aren't the only one enjoying the idea of two pot friendly states going head to head.  read more »