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In January recreational marijuana officially becomes legal in California; and one city is ready to light up.

American Green, a marijuana focused technology company has bought the town of Nipton, California with plans to turn it into a pot-tourism destination. Located in San Bernardino County the town has a population of six people and was snatched up for the price of $5 million.

The sale includes more than 120, all properties and a working solar farm. The company says it envisions a pot paradise where people can tour a marijuana farm, shop in dispensaries and stay at a weed friendly bed and breakfast. A consultant working on the project says the idea is to create a place where people can come and experience the drug which is still considered illegal under federal law.  read more »

High on Love

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There’s a new online dating site; and it’s getting people high on love. connects people who share the habit of smoking marijuana. It was started by 28-year-old Ryan Moxon who lives in the San Francisco bay area. He told a local newspaper that he created the dating site while working nights as a security guard in Los Angeles. He said he smoked marijuana and was single and wanted to find a girl that also enjoyed smoking.  read more »

Pot Infused Treats


Some pot infused treats in Colorado are giving people more than just a buzz.

Since the recreational sale of marijuana began in January people have been snapping up the now legal drug in every way possible. And that includes brownies, candy bars and cake. Unfortunately those sweet treats have left one person dead and sent others to the hospital.

Right now the sale of marijuana is still illegal under federal law. So it's up to the state to develop its own rules on how to enforce and regulate it. Current law requires pot manufacturing facilities to meet the same sanitation rules as retail food establishments including adequate hand washing and refrigeration.  read more »

The Mile High State


Marijuana is legal in Colorado and smokers are puffing up the bottom line of businesses all over the state.

Since pot became as easy to pick up as your dry cleaning people from all over the world have been flocking to Colorado. Marijuana stores say lines are stretching around the block and people are shelling out money just to say they bought a piece of history.

And the state is helping people spend. As soon as you land the tourist information desk at Denver International Airport has a list of the nearly 20 places in the city to buy marijuana.  read more »