A Costly Disconnect


Feeling a little disconnected from your nine to five, you’re not alone.

Recently I sat down with bestselling author and Doctor Deepak Chopra. In his latest book “The Soul of Leadership” Chopra outlines his belief that anybody has the ability to become a front runner.

“I think everybody can be trained to be a leader, just like everybody can be trained to ride a bicycle. Personally I think…if you know the keys to effective leadership anyone can be trained.”  read more »

Following Your Own Lead


Think you would make a better leader than those currently holding rank, you’re probably right.

Recently I sat down with author Deepak Chopra who talked about the change that needs to happen in the corner offices of American business. Chopra says this country has seen too many ruthless business leaders who corrupted the system, and wound up in jail. In his latest book “The Soul of Leadership” Chopra says we used to associate leadership with personal power and money. Today that concept has changed.

“An effective leader should be one who first of all serves the needs of society or the community of the business, fulfills those needs. But even more importantly can unfold their own potential and unfold the potential of those they lead for the greater good.”  read more »

An Emotional President


A leader is someone people wish to follow, but first you have to reach the people.

I recently sat down with author and Doctor Deepak Chopra. In his new book “The Soul of Leadership” Chopra outlines the importance of digging a little deeper when it comes to reaching a position of power. Chopra has seven basic criteria of leadership that include listening, empowerment and responsibility. But when it comes to the most powerful leader of all; Chopra says President Obama falls one step short.

“He fits in every one of them except the emotional one. He’s kind of lost to the majority because they think he’s elitist, he’s distant, he’s too analytical, he’s too smart.”  read more »

Voting based on labeling, not leadership

On this day before a historic vote for President, my memory takes a step back to the year 1976, the year that marked my baptism into politics. Former President Nixon aide Bob Finch was running in the California Republican primary against S. I. Hayakawa, and I signed on as an unpaid aide for Finch in northern California. Finch was considered Richard Nixon’s closest friend, so I assumed his primary victory was a “no brainer”.  read more »