Sacrifice Is Not For Everyone

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For months now, media outlets have been reporting that some companies faced with huge layoffs have asked workers if they would cut their hours so that fellow workers could still get a paycheck. Most said they would do so.

Gannett, the huge media company, recently told 31,000 employees at 85 daily newspapers and 23 broadcast properties to take a week off without pay. MediaNews Group, a newspaper chain in California, is telling its workers to take an unpaid one week furlough as a possible alternative to layoffs.  read more »

Preparing For The Worst

In this economy layoffs are becoming rampant but that doesn’t mean people are prepared for them.

It’s been a year of bad news for the U.S. economy and things have yet to turn around. Currently 6.7 percent of people are without work and thousands are applying for a handful of jobs. People in all industries from publishing to financing are being laid off. The big three automakers have announced they are slowing down production and temporarily laying-off all employees.

Camelia Lim is a regional Vice President at Robert half International who works to get people temporary or full time jobs. She says if you suspect a lay-off consider other options within the company.  read more »

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Sacrifices Will Be Made

It’s that time of year for celebrations and bonuses. But this year you shouldn’t get too excited.

With the country in recession sacrifices are being made everywhere. Families are cutting back on vacations, Christmas shopping is at its lowest level since the early 90’s and budgets are tight. Employers are also jumping on the sacrificial wagon, so you may be noticing more changes around the office.

So how do you deal with this in a professional way? Camelia Lim is a Vice President at staffing and consulting firm Robert Half International and says it’s all about your attitude.  read more »

Restaurant Business Starving


Looking for a last-minute reservation at a hot-spot restaurant in New York, San Francisco or anywhere in between? The good news is you can most likely get in without waiting months for a reservation. The bad news is service may not be up to snuff, since the economic downturn is forcing eateries to cut staff.

The famous (and high priced) Michael Mina four star restaurant in San Francisco’s St. Francis Hotel announced it is soon closing on Sundays and Mondays, after October/November sales declined 10 percent. And across the country restaurant consultants say culinary establishments are seeing sales declines of 10 to 40 percent. That is much worse than watching a client skip out on the bill in an industry with already slim profit margins.  read more »

The Death of Newspapers

I noted with interest David Carr’s article in Monday’s New York Times titled, “Newspapers Jettisoning Top Talent to Cut Costs”. It begins by detailing how Circuit City came up with a plan in March of 2007 to beef up its sagging bottom line by firing its most talented and experienced employees as a cost saving measure. You see people who have more experience get paid more money.

Of course the short term benefit of slashing payroll always has a long term consequence. Customers who could no longer get an answer to their questions from junior sales folks on the floor at Circuit City simply went somewhere else to buy a tech gadget. If you tried to buy a computer at Circuit City last year you already know that. I tried, quit and went to Best Buy for my new laptop.  read more »