Fighting Crime


Police officers are getting tough on crime; with a little love.

Besides rounding up the bad guys the country’s finest are finding ways to encourage and reward people for following the law. For example at Seattle’s annual Hempfest last month people were surprised to see officers handing out bags of Doritos. The snack came with instructions about the existing marijuana laws in Washington and tips such as do not drive while high and do not give or sell marijuana to anyone under the age of 21.

A sergeant with the Seattle police department says their chain of command encourages innovation. He says they look for traditional problems such as frequent drug use and try non-traditional solutions.  read more »

Traveling With the Law


Laws aren’t meant to be broken, especially when you leave work for your summer vacation.

To prepare you for wherever your passport may go, Bing Travel has put together a list of unknown laws from ten countries. And if you run into a cop familiar with the rule book you could be spending more time behind bars then on the beach.  read more »

The Laws That Bind

marriage law.jpg

About to pop the question? You better brush up on your rules and regulations.

Your wedding day is an expensive celebration to a long road of commitment. And each state has different laws to make your union legal. Laws you should learn before your “till death do us part” becomes null and void. To help get you to the altar, women’s day magazine put together a list of some of the more bizarre marriage laws upheld in various states. Laws that you might not even consider while down on one knee.  read more »

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