Las Vegas

The Technology of Tomorrow


The Consumer Electronics Show is powering up and this year big and thin is in.

The CES show kicked off Tuesday in Las Vegas and some of the biggest companies are highlighting new products for your “must have” list. Last year’s big showing was the 3-D television set. But once off the showroom floor the extra dimension didn’t make such a splash with consumers. So this year manufacturers are focusing on design and picture improvement for 2-D TV’s and tackling one of the biggest problem with 3-D; the glasses.  read more »

Mistaken Identity

wrong stamp.jpg

Three billion new stamps have been printed that feature the Statue of Liberty, but it looks like they got the wrong girl.

The stamps announcing the world-recognized symbol of the United States were released in December. Last month a stamp collector contacted the United States Postal Service wondering if they realized the Statue of Liberty printed on the stamp isn’t the one that resides in New York harbor. Instead it’s the fiberglass and Styrofoam replica that resides outside the New York New York hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The stamps also come with a statement describing the 305 foot statue that was a gift from the people of France. None of which is true about the actual statue featured on the stamp.  read more »

Talking Up Unemployment


Are you as angry as I am about all the rhetoric being spouted by politicians who seem to be saying that taking “corporate junkets” to cities such as Las Vegas is somehow the wrong thing to do right now. And if you take a corporate jet anywhere you are wasting taxpayer or stockholder money.

Even President Obama weighed in last week during a speech in Elkhart, Indiana when he said that companies “can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime”. He’s certainly right that companies taking taxpayer money to survive must adhere to a higher standard of accountability. But the problem is in using Las Vegas as an example; he tarnishes a city that is already reeling from recession.  read more »